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A History of Women in Tackle Football

Dallas Bluebonnets, Fort Worth Shamrocks, Columbus pacesetters, Toledo Troopers, Los Angeles Dandelions, California Mustangs, and Detroit Demons.


1976 NWFL Team Lineup

Eastern Division

Columbus Pacesetters

Detroit Demons

Philadelphia Queen Bees

Middletown, OH Mustangs

Toledo Troopers

Southern Division

Oklahoma City Dolls

Houston Hurricanes (a.k.a. Her-ricanes)

Dallas-Fort Worth Shamrocks

San Antonio Flames

Tulsa Babes

Western Division

Los Angeles Dandelions

California Mustangs

San Diego Lobos

Pasadena Roses




The State of the National Women's Football League As of 1981


NWFL in the Mid-1980s


Key NWFL Rules