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Welcome to Queens of the Gridiron: the Women and Girls of Tackle Football.

What the Site Is About

This web page is my tribute to the women and girls who have dared to play tackle football over the years. This includes not only women who played in such past leagues as the National Women's Football League of the 1970s, but also junior high and high school girls who played tackle football.

IMPORTANT NOTICES—As of June 15, 2004

  •  I recently received an e-mail note from Amanda Rowe, whose mother, Jackie Rowe, played for the Detroit Demons in the 1970s. Sadly, Jackie Rowe passed away in July 1987.  Amanda would like to contact those who were teammates of Jackie Rowe for a project she is doing about her for her grandmother’s birthday in July.  If you played for or were otherwise associated with the Detroit Demons, please contact Amanda Rowe at (906) 337-0119.  You can also contact Amanda via e-mail at  Please contact Amanda ASAP!   Thank you.
  • Please note and bookmark the new address for this site:

Please do not use the Fortune City address for this site anymore. Thank you.

  • I have recently been contacted by someone who has been told that a female by the name of Christina Tarlton was the first girl to play High School football in the state of North Carolina at Union Pines in Carthage North Carolina. If anyone has any further information in the form of news clippings, photos, and other items that can confirm this information, please e-mail me and let me know. Thank you.

What's News--As of August 31, 2001

  • Congratulations to Miss Ashley Martin of Jacksonville State University in Florida, who became the first women to play in a Division I college football game on August 30, 2001. Ashley was 3-for-3 on her point-after-touchdown kicks.
  • COMING SOON: I plan to update the women's football team Uniform Information section, as well as get caught up in chronicling the current women's tackle football leagues in the United States. Please stay tuned.

What's New

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Within the next few weeks, I plan to further update the sections of this site covering girls playing football in school or in the Pop Warner Leagues by adding photos of girl football players to my site. If you are girl who played or currently plays scholastic or Pop Warner football, please scan and send as .JPEG (.JPG) files photos of yourself in uniform . Also, if you know a girl who played or plays football, I hope you will scan and e-mail as .JPEG (.JPG) files whatever pictures of that girl in uniform you can get a hold of. Also, please send in whatever game action photos you may have. E-mail the photos to either or

If you are under eighteen, PLEASE get the permission of your parent or guardian before e-mailing the pictures.

  • If you have any photographs of women's tackle football games of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, PLEASE e-mail me. It is hoped that you will scan these photos (since I have no access to a scanner on the computers at my local library) and send them to me as .JPEG files via e-mail for inclusion on this website. Thank you very much.

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Most Wanted--A List of Girls Playing High School Football I Most Want Pictures Of

Princesses of the Gridiron: The Girls of Tackle Football (UPDATED!)

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This page was originally created in August 1999 and is Copyright 1999, 2001 David R. Jackson.

This page was last updated June 15, 2004.

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