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"What I learned from Cal, is to respect the game, respect the fans. Nothing fancy out there. Just do your job."

"Always follow your dreams, don't let anyone tell you, you can't be something."

"Hard work does not guarantee success, but without it you don't have a chance."

"This is how I define grace: you are on the main stage and it looks like it has been rehearsed 100 times, everything goes smoothly. That's where I get my confidence and success; from know that I have an edge because I know I am prepared. You aren't scared of taking a test when you are ready for it. My first couple of years, I was just kind of swimming, trying not to drown but now..."

"David Segui told me he would trade me his Porsche for my black book because I am seeing someone now. I told him no deal, it's worth more than a Porsche."

"I love the work involved. My goal right now is to have a season next year that will make people forget about this one. I'll use things like this for motivation. I'm hungry."

"There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice. Reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I'm searching for."

"Some things were meant to be and if it was you will know it."

"Why do people sing take me out to the ballgame if they're already there?"

"I've never been in this situation and I kept asking Edgar what I can do to handle (the pressure)."~Alex on the pressure of winning a batting title~

"This whole year has been a learning experience. There are still a lot of areas in which I think I can improce."

"I need to make more contact. I struck out more than 100 times. I can cut down my errors and I'd like to steal 30-40 bags. I made a lot of dumb baserunning mistakes this year."

"Our family teetered financially for 6 months after dad left. Mom took a second job as a waitress to keep our rented home and food on the table. Mom deserves the Oscar for acting as if we had plenty of money. Mom's perseverance and inner strength kept us together."~Alex on how his family dealt with his father leaving~

"Playing sports became my dream. I turned into a baseball freak when I was 8. If I saw a favorite player using a black bat, I'd spend hours using shoe polish and a felt pen to turn mine black too. Without question the player I looked up to most was Baltimore shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr. I wanted to play shortstop. Mostly, though, I just wanted to play.~On how he acquired love for the game of baseball."~

"I'd rather have the Gold Glove than a silver bat. Defense is so much more of a team game and one my goals this year was to make fewer than 25 errors."

"We have a responsibility not just as athletes but as members of society to treat people well, to do things the right way."

"Be respectful. Treat people the way you want to be treated. I think young people want respect badly. Respect the lowest rank and the highest rank and you'll never get into trouble."

"This whole year has been a learning experience. There are still a lot of areas in which I think I can improve."

"I want to step forward. I don't want to step on anyone's toes doing it. If I do... too bad."

"Stay away from drugs and alcohol and all that. Make school a priority. Don't overlook academics."

"I was one of those guys who really enjoyed homework. Sometimes I got kidded by my teammates. But I think kids should really participate in school and always have their homework done."

"Maintain good balance at the plate and limit movement in your head."

"Fielding is 100 percent concentration. You really have to concentrate from the time the pitcher releases the ball to when contact is made. Always be aggressive."

"I'm not impulsive at all--except about buying clothes. That's my biggest weakness."

"You can take my cars or my house, but don't mess with my clothes."