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Alex was voted as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People twice

Alex's lucky number is 3

Alex considers his mother and Yankee shortshop Derek Jeter as his two best friends.

Alex's favorite clothing store is Bergdoff Goodman in New York City

Alex first kissed a girl named Miriam in the seventh day. They dated for three days until he found the courage to kiss her in class one day.

Alex does not kiss on the first date.

Alex flosses four times a day.

Alex's choice of cologne in his own words are, "Cool Water mostly; also Eternity and Armani."

Alex has his hair cut every 10 days.

During the offseason to stay in shape Alex works out six days a week, and sometimes even twice a day.

Alex has a teddy bear with a green sweater on the dashboard of his Range Rover.

Alex's most painful memory was making an error in the last inning to lose the State Championship Game during his senior year in high school.

Alex's first car was a 1988 blue Mazda 323

Alex's first job was as a summer baseball camp counselor when he was 15 years old.