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World Field Target Federation
World Championships 2004
at the Military Training Ground
23-25th July, Ebern, Germany

under the auspices of

BDS - Bund Deutscher Sportschützen

Wolf-Creek-Field-Target-Club Ebern

Participating countries
with links to their National Governing Bodies

   Austria (team)  
   Belgium (team)  
   England (team)  
   Germany (team)
   Netherlands (team)  
   Northern Ireland (team)  
   Norway (team)  
   Poland (team)  
   USA (team)  

   Greece was represented by George Gkoutis  
(interim web page for HAFTA)

   Malta sent their best wishes for a successful championships  

If anyone wants to contribute photos, or send corrections,
please email

The web pages

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1 Behind the scenes & building the course
2 Weds evening after a long, hot day!
3 Thursday 22nd
4 Civic reception on Thursday evening
5 The first day of competition
6 The first evening - photos by Uwe Schlösser
7 The second day of competition
8 The second evening - photos by Paramags
9 The third day of competition
10 The third evening and presentations
11 Photos by George Gkoutis
12 Photos by Paramags'
13 Photos by Kevin Sayers - 1
14 Photos by Kevin Sayers - 2
15 Photos by Kevin Sayers - 3
16 Photos by Bertus Land
17 Photos by Adrian Bismor  - 1
18 Photos by Adrian Bismor  - 2
19 Photos by Brian O'Hagan - 1
20 Photos by Brian O'Hagan - 2
21 Photos by Jean Vandevelde
22 Photos by The A Team - 1
23 Photos by The A Team - 2
24 Photos by Arne Legernes & Greta Mitbø - 1
25 Photos by Arne Legernes & Greta Mitbø - 2
26 Mementoes
27 Results
28 Other links to the World Championships 
29 Other competitions in Germany attended by British shooters, 2000 - 2003
30 Thanks


Been there & this is the tee-shirt!

Link to the home page of the WFTF Championships 2004

New WFTF members 2004
Belgium Austria and Malta

Willkommen, Polen, Belgien, Österreich und Malta!