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Welcome to Matt's Page of Poetry and Running! Kick of your shoes, hang up your jacket, and stay awhile Matt's Page of Poetry and Running
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Welcome to the all-new Matt's Page of Running and Poetry. Changes include navigation, design, content, and more. It's all to make your experience here more enjoyable.

I started a mailing list as of November and have close to thirty people on it! If you would like to join the mailing list to learn of updates and other news on my page please email me at I will add you immediately!

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Current News

Sports Poems , Life & Emotions , Romantic , Other's Poetry , Religious
Five new other people's poems and Four new sports poems. Two new love poems (I don't know, The Paintbrush), Two new life & emtotion poems (Inevitable, Worth), and One new religious poem (Ripped Away) by me.
| 5.05.02 |

Sports Poems , Life & Emotions , Romantic , Other's Poetry , Religious , Rings & Awards
Three new romantic poems (Turn From Him, All I Am, Flood Gates), One new religious poem (Life), and one new life & emotions poem (Ants) by me. Two new sports poems and one new poem in the Other's poetry section. Also an award from another poetry site.
| 1.28.02 |

Sports Poems , Life & Emotions , Romantic , Other's Poetry
One new sports poem by Beth Watt (Untitled), Two new Life and Emotion poems by me (Price Tag, Random Acts), One new Romanctic poem by me (None Will Occur), and Three new poems in the Other's Poetry section by Meghan A. (High, Turning Away, Right There...).
| 1.03.02 |

I have the all new sports poetry page up with 10 sports poems. Enjoy!
| 12.16.01 |

I finally have written and touched up some new material so here it is for your reading pleasure: 3 new Romance poems(Other Things, Time to Forgive, Actions Combust)
| 11.09.01 |


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