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Microsoft Excel files available- contact me directly at with any questions.

These cards are not meant as a substitute for APBA's official card sets- please purchase APBA's sets when they are released. Until then, enjoy playing the playoffs.

Welcome!  Feel free to browse this site for lots of downloadable utilities and card sets for APBA games.  Most files are shared freely.  I ask for a reasonable nominal fee for certain utilities that have taken many months to develop.

Think of these files as my contribution to the great people in this community.  All files were created for the personal enjoyment of the APBA fan.  None of the files on this site can be used for commercial purposes without my permission.

New files are often added to the site each month.  Check back often for the latest additions!

I'm very excited to announce that the APBA game company is selling unique baseball and basketball sets that I have created.  The sets include:

Negro League sets
(download roster sheets here)

Minor League sets

Senior League set (great former MLB players!)
(download the roster sheet here)

All American Girls Baseball seasons (the league that inspired "A League of Their Own")

2000-2001 Basketball season

Please send all comments to me at

THANKS!  And enjoy the files!


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