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~Newsflash - Canes Hockey drops below 12k tickets, misses season renewal ticket goal as well!~

Canes Hockey SUCKS. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Arena League Football outdrews it in 2000 (yes, 2000 Arena Football outdrew 1999-2000 Canes).

You see more of the opponents' jerseys than Canes'.

And now these idiot "civic" leaders who helped create this monstrosity are kissing butt again and trying to bring the NHL All-Star game to Raleigh in 2006 as well as now the NHL Draft in 2005.

"We missed this step when the Hurricanes first came here four years ago," Goodmon said at a news conference at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh according to a report in the Raleigh News & Observer. "It's time for this community to say, 'Welcome, we're glad you're here.' The best way to express our support is to help the team sell ticket packages and to prove to the NHL that we're an All-Star region."

This isn't about the Canes in particular, it is about our community pandering to a sport ill-suited for this area in every way possible.

We have JUST started!
News Updates
  • 10.26.2001 ESPN's Sport Guy officially gives up on hockey and sites expansion as one of the ways the league is being doomed. We always loved the SG but when he even mentioned Raleigh, well our esteem for him is through the roof now.
      Too many cities, too many franchises. Columbus? Raleigh? Are you kidding me? You can't possibly expect me to keep track of 30 teams and 700-plus players as a casual fan, especially when I can't pronounce 50 percent of their names. Apparently all you need to get an NHL team these days is a 15,000-seat stadium and a check.
  • 10.18.2001 Triangle Business Journal reports Canes drop under 12k season tickets, Nortel and Midway no longer sponsors, no naming issues settled and less than 85% of season ticket holders renewed season tickets. [more]. WHY is the MEDIA ignoring this story? Because they all just sunk a bag of cash in the Friends of the Canes.

    Folks, it is a SERIOUS journalistic ethical violation to be supporting a movement to prop up a professional team and still have to report on their very screwed up way of doing business, finances and the affect on the community. The News and Observer and Herald Sun need to remove themselves from this group.

  • 04.20.2001 More good news
      "A Harris Interactive Poll, conducted in Dec. 2000, reveals the Raleigh-Durham area has the lowest percentage of avid NHL fans out of all league cities. While 59 percent of the area's general population considered themselves NHL fans, only 5 percent said they were avid fans -- the group that is most likely to buy season tickets. That makes the Raleigh-Durham market considerably less desirable than New Orleans, with a 10 percent fan avidity, or Sacramento and Jacksonville, both at 8 percent." - ESPN, Patient Heisley doesn't want to pull a Karmanos
  • 04.20.2001 Gallop Poll data not looking good for pro hockey in South - Of the major team sports, professional ice hockey has the smallest fan base in the United States, with 31% of Americans saying they are fans of the sport. Hockey fans tend to be very young -- 40% of 18-29 year olds say they are hockey fans compared to just 19% of those 65 and older. In fact, of the 11 sports tested, only professional wrestling has a lower proportion of fans among the oldest Americans. Whites are nearly twice as likely to be fans of hockey as are blacks. Hockey exhibits fairly strong regional differences as well, with much greater fan support in the East (38%) and West (36%) than in the South (20%). Only about one in five Americans (22%) living in rural areas are fans of ice hockey, while 36% of those living in suburban areas are. (source Gallup organization)

  • 04.17.2001 Increasingly popular: Web sites that just say no - No Canes featured in the N&O.
  • 03.21.2001 Raleigh Will Host NHL Draft By 2005 - They want to host the draft now too but they've got to sell tickets!
  • Stop the madness - what you can do!
  • Boycott Pergo! Who wants that cheap stuff for their floor anyway? Pony up and at least get some nice Bruce Hardwoods. The Pergo company and president Lars von Kantzow are "friends of the Canes".

  • A lot of banks are "friends of the Canes", but Bank of America and First Union are not. Sign up for accounts with them!

  • If you don't like the Canes, don't support local business who do - Boycott for example Dr. Stuart Samuels, and Optometric Eye Care Center over in Crossroads in Cary. Samuels is a huge Canes who is buying extra tickets for employees and patients. (this link will take you to the Canes Hockey site)

  • Email Gary Bettman (, National Hockey League Commissioner and tell him the Canes need to move elsewhere!

  • Email WRAL, the broadcast wing of Capitol Broadcasting and tell them to pass on to Goodman that the community does not want this and we will take action if they continue.

  • Encourage your employer not to buy Canes tickets or participate in Canes promotions.
  • Don't buy Canes gear and don't shop at stores selling Canes gear - if you can help it.
  • More to come soon including email lists for all the "Fiends" of the Canes business members.
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