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The Dion Nash Site



The Dion Nash Site has moved. Please visit the new address:


Hi, I'm Kit. Thankyou for visiting The Dion Nash Site. For those who ask "why would an Australian make this site?" or other questions, here's some info about the site and it's creator.


Myself and Dion NashAbout The Dion Nash Site

•  The site came into existence on June 20, 1999. At the time Dion Nash was perhaps at the height of his success and popularity, and I felt he deserved a dedicated website.

•  Why Dion Nash? Because I believed he wass a great cricketer with amazing spirit, be that on the field, or struggling to overcome the injuries Cruel Fate threw at him. He made me a fan of New Zealand cricket in his first game back after two years sidelined with injury - and I've been following ever since.

•  I was, obviously, deeply saddened to hear of Nash's decision to end his cricket career in May 2002, although I do believe it was the best choice for him. Now he has retired, this site will remain online as a tribute to Dion Nash but, of course, cannot be updated.

•  I do not know Dion Nash and this website is completely unofficial, but Nash is aware of this site and has, I am told, visited it himself.

•  The Dion Nash Site turned two years old on June 20, 2001. I made it a Birthday Card and Museum about its development. I made another small tribute to the site's third birthday in 2002.

•  Particularly because I live in Australia, I could never have made this site without the help of many friends. Innumerable thank-yous go to: Hannah, Heather, Jess, Jo (x2), Jules, Kerryn, Lisa, Lynn, Rachel, Rose, Sara, Sascha, Sheryl and Stacey for their advice, support, and contributions. Thanks also to Auckland Grammar School for the photo which appears in my review of Nash's career.


Me dressed up as a Black CapAbout Me

•  I'm an Australian, but I'm a dedicated (obsessive?) fan of Dion Nash and the New Zealand Cricket Team - something I can't quite explain, but there's a long story.

•  My "day job" is studying at Sydney University.

•  My greatest "achievements" as a fan are appearing in an article about crazy fans in India's Cricket Talk magazine, being "mentioned" in a radio interview with Dion Nash, and - more seriously - this website being used as a media research source.

•  I've spoken to Dion Nash twice. In Melbourne in 1998 my sister Sash and I told Dion we thought he was the greatest cricketer ever. He didn't believe us. In Auckland in 2001 I told him we'd come from Sydney to see him play. This seemed not to register. We also saw him again in Australia in 2001-2002, but I never had the guts to tell him about this site.

•  I have two other cricket websites, Cairnsey: The Chris Cairns Site and the ecclectic, off-beat Fun with Black Caps.


Make Contact!

•  Although Nash has retired, I will still contemplate adding to the site's archives. If you would like to contribute something, please email me. If you have a related website, please consider adding a link to help keep the legend alive:

•  If you have any comments about this site or Dion Nash, please sign my guestbook. I appreciate all feedback! If you'd like to read others' comments, you can view the guestbook and the Guestbook Archive, dating back to the site's first days.

•  If you'd like to contact me personally, feel free to email me: