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Morocco is in Africa "Norht West Africa" it's is a small country we have great weather
so You'll be able to surf and bodyboard the whole year around =))
With shores on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is very strategically located in North West Africa.We got some AWESOME
Spots to check out from North to the South....
Et pour les Marocain Je pense que vous savez bien l'emplacement de notre Pays =)
~J'aime le Maroc ~
Morocco have a very rich cultural background wich is I'm very Proud of
and i'm sure that all the Moroccan like myself are "it's a unique place"
the people are very friendly and that's what i love about my people i'm friendly 2=P
The Medeternian don't have waves that you would surf on but it would be cool if you want
relax or if your with family... but the ATLANTIC BABY is AWESOME ...
A lot of Pro bodyboarder and Surfer came to Morocco and i Guess they liked it we also
had an international comprtion in Surfing and bodyboarding i wans't their =( but i heard it
was Off the Hook, we also have an anual Wind surf international competition In Sawira it's
really cool Place with a lot of Waves and wind ofcourse