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For a country which is courted by the ocean as Morocco, surfing took sometime before making an appearance worthy of its potential. Appearing in the middle of the 1980's, when it conquered the youth of Casablanca and Rabat, it has a bright future.This is because the conditions are ideal in Morocco to practise this water sport.

There are plenty of excellent quality waves and create numerous practice points, the "spots as surfers call them, Breaking at 35 kilometres an hour, the 3-5 mater waves allow the surfers to reach a speed of about 70 km an hour and to surf on water for about a minute.

Although the coast has a cold current there are warm waters which allow the sport to be practised all year round even in winter when a wet suit is enough , once out of the water, the surfer can warm himself thanks to the sun which shines all year.

Unlike Australia and South Africa, the Moroccan beaches are not infested with sharks which are put off by the cold, allowing safe surfing.

Finally the conditions for practising this sport are still unspoilt: the "spots are overcrowash so there is space for everyone, a lot of the beaches are wild and spotless .

National surfers, mainly from Rabat and Casa have made the spots popular which stretch out between Dar Bouazza and Mehdia near Kenitra: Oued Cherrat, Bouznika, PontBlondin, Sablettes, Pepsi are well known meetings for surfers.

But it is international surfers, who come to Morocco, regularly to make the most of it's potential, who have given, the meeting point and Imsouane a reputation, here there are two wild places north of Agadir where the surfers come to camp from afar.

On the other hand, Oulidia already benefits from an infrastructure and from the Moroccan surfing school Surf Land. Created 6 years ago, by a passionately fond of aquatic sports. I t trained talented youngsters of 10- 12 years old who could perhaps end up on a professional circuit.(íŽ.).

Morocco also offers to snow surfing all the ranges of the Atlas, much higher than the beaches, the best known sky resorts are Oukaimiden in the High Atlas and Michlifen in The Middle Atlas(íŽ..) Even if the snow melts and the ocean becomes calm as alake, there still remains the descent of the dunes. From those of Merzouga, near Erfoud in the South, to those of the Moroccan Coast, the amateurs of this eccentric sport can, after having endured climbing up, savour the pleasure of the descent on red sand.