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Heat Player Profiles:

Name | Position/Number | Height | Weight | College
Pictures will be up soon


Alonzo Mourning C 33 6’10 261 Georgetown
The centerpiece of the team,Alonzo Mourning has a kidney ailment.He has received treatement for the disease.We don’t know if he will return or not this year.


Brian Grant F/C 44 6’9 250 Xavier
Brain moved to starting center after the failed Duane Causwell experiment.Was great last season,no all-star spot,but is a key player.A great rebounder,inside scorer,free-throw shooter,and intense player.Also has a great jumpshot.Moved to the bench and play deteriorated.Will be the starting PF this year.


Anthony Mason F 14 6’8  255 Tennessee St.

Was the workhorse all season long,earning his first All-Star spot.When playoff time came,his game deteriorated.Likely won’t return this year.


Eddie Jones G 6 6’7 194 Temple
Led the Heat in scoring,steals,FT %,and three-point %.However,he wasn’t the player the Heat expected.The heat is on Jones to perform better next year,and to except a leadership role.


Tim Hardaway G 10 6’0 195 Texas-El Paso
The X-Factor the passed few seasons,due to his late-season injury collapses.He always seems to get injured at playoff time.This year his foot gave out a week before the playoffs began,after only missing 3 games all season.Last resort signee,meaning its doubtful for his return next year.


Anthony Carter G 25 6’1 190 Hawaii
Carter has a great rookie season in 2000,but 2001 was no walk in the park.His number were significantly lower than the previous year.He also had some injury problems.When playoff time came,he was a big factor – he had several turnovers and rarely scored.Needs to improve just about everywhere.Signed a 3-year extension for this season.




Bruce Bowen: G/F 12 6’7 200 Cal St.-Fullerton
Bowen is a good defender: he puts pressure on players,forcing turnovers.But his offense isn’t great.He also struggled during the playoffs.Rumored to sign with the Spurs.





A.C. Green F 45 6’9 225 Oregon St.
A veteran who can provide the Heat with leadership,Green can rebound and score inside,but will always be used as a role player.Has not scored efficently,but has been used as a locker room presence.Hasn’t missed a game since 1986.



Eddie House G 6’1 180 Arizona St.
House was Mr.Popular last year when he showed off his scoring skills and speed.Has a great engine and can ball-handle nicely,though he really is a SG.Expect him to be sucessful next year as he adjusts to the NBA.





Cedric Ceballos F 23 6’7 220  Cal St.-Fullerton
The Garbageman of the NBA came to the Heat to resurrect his game,and suceeded.Now he has to hope Riley re-signs him,because no other teams really knows of his capability.





Duane Causwell C 4 7’0 255 Temple00
Our crappy backup center is rumored to be gone next year,hopefully.Causwell has the size,but doesn’t have the ability or skill.He’s offensively challenged and defense isnt that great either.We hope he’s out of here for good.





Todd Fuller C 35 6-11 255 North Carolina St.
Todd is one of those NBA washouts just looking for a team to thrive on.Todd has been an injury risk,and is looking for a team to sit on the bench for.Can score inside,and can block and steal.Had a strong preseason.Seldom used.





Don MacLean F 7 6-7 240 UCLA
Like Fuller,Don is another washout and injury risk.Can score from the 3,and sometimes inside. Has been on the injured list most of the year.Then he decided no to opt out of his contract,so he’ll be back next year.If only,if only.





Ricky Davis G/F 21 6’5 215 Iowa St.
Is an athletic player.He’s also the most expendable player with trade value on the roster.His talent, while tempting in spurts, is fairly unpolished. Riley once said “Every time Davis has the ball it’s an adventure”.Another injury risk. Was on the Injured List most of the season. Has some potential.We’ll see more of him next year.