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AmericanAirlines Arena

Arena and Tickets

HEAT season tickets are now on sale! See all 41 home games starting as low as $328 for the season!

The HEAT now offers 15-game and 20-game mini-plans for this season, starting as low as $150. Order now and you're guaranteed the chance to purchase 2001 playoff tickets before they go on sale to the public.

Also avalible is the $33 ZOne.

Your group of 20 or more can enjoy the excitement of a Miami HEAT game! The HEAT offers group discounts to select HEAT home games at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

For information on ticket prices and availability, contact:

Miami HEAT
(786) 777-HEAT
AmericanAirlines Arena
601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132
or go to: or visit Ticketmaster.

Alex Perez (South Dade, South Miami, Florida Keys & related areas)
Lynelle Williams (all Broward & Palm Beach Counties & related areas)
Scott Mackenzie (downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove & related areas)
Robert Dempster (North Dade, Hialeah & related areas)

Zuly Torres
Manny Francos
Bob Eckert
Craig Weiss

AmericanAirlines Arena Management has issued the following advisory for people who purchase tickets to AmericanAirlines Arena events over the internet.

AmericanAirlines Arena Management encourages the use of e-commerce to purchase tickets to events held at AmericanAirlines Arena . There is only one official web-site licensed to sell tickets via the internet to events held at AmericanAirlines Arena, To insure you receive the best possible service, you receive your tickets promptly and to insure you are not purchasing counterfeit or stolen tickets, we urge all of our ticket purchasers to make their purchase via AmericanAirlines Arena Management stands behind as the only internet site licensed to sell tickets at AmericanAirlines Arena. No other site has been authorized by AmericanAirlines Arena Management to sell, re-sell or auction tickets, buyer beware!



From the North
I-95 South to NW 8th Street.
Travel south to NW 5th Street and turn left.
Follow the signs to AmericanAirlines Arena.

From the South:
I-95 North to NW 2nd Street.
Go north to NW 5th Street and turn right.
Follow the signs to AmericanAirlines Arena.

From Eastbound on SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway):
Exit at NE 2nd Avenue.
Go south to NE 8th Street and turn left.
Follow signs to AmericanAirlines Arena.

From Westbound on MacArthur Causeway (I-395):
Exit at Biscayne Boulevard.
Go south to NE 8th Street and turn left.
Follow signs to AmericanAirlines Arena.

From Southbound Biscayne Boulevard (US1):
Turn left at NE 8th Street.

From Northbound Biscayne Boulevard (US1):
Turn right on Port Boulevard.

Public Transportation Inbound:
Metrorail to the Government Center station. Transfer to the People Mover, which has a 2-car express service to the Freedom Tower station.

Public Transportation Outbound:
Take the 2-car express People Mover from the Freedom Tower station to the Government Center and then take the Metrorail.

Arriving at the AmericanAirlines Arena:
NE 8th Street will become one way eastbound from NE 2nd Avenue to Biscayne Boulevard. NE 2nd Avenue off-ramp from eastbound I-395 will allow a southbound right turn onto NE 2nd Avenue from the north most lane.

Traffic Flow inside the arena:
A big problem with the AmericanAirlines Arena is that the traffic flow is bad.Every level excpet club exits the seating area and and floods the cosession level,which has food,drinks,restrooms,costumer service,ect.Expect heavy traffic flow on this level.Before and after the event,traffic floods the level and leads down into the entranc/exit level.

Leaving the AmericanAirlines Arena:
NE 8th Street will become one way westbound from NE 1st Avenue to Biscayne Boulevard. Northbound to westbound turn lanes will be provided for Biscayne Boulevard to NE 12th Street, and provides a direct route to westbound I-395.

Pedestrians are encouraged to cross Biscayne Boulevard at NE 8th Street, NE 6th Street or NE 5th Street where intersections will be signalized and under police control.

Disabled Passenger Drop Off:
Disabled passengers will be able to use the east extension off NE 8th Street. For inclement weather, the drop off will be located at the on-site garage area - HEAT Boulevard.

Bus/Taxi Limo Area:
This area is located on NE 7th Street from Biscayne Boulevard to NE 1st Avenue.

If you choose to park inside the arena,expect lot to be either full or very expensive or both.Outside parking is usually very convient and cheap,and the walk isn't too bad.If you fear the neighborhood of Miami and dont mind heafty prices,and if it isnt full,park inside the arena.If not,park outside.The neighborhood isnt too bad because of law enforcement officers are there and large crowds tend to make u feel safer.Also,the new parking garage should be availible for AAArena when its completed.

Traffic problems arent too bad.Sold out nights can be frustrating,especially weekdays,with I-95 and outside roads backed up during rush hour which is pre-game.Post-game,traffic is bad getting out of the arena,but as soon as u leave the lots,it gets better.