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Hello, Welcome to our little website
of all the houses and places where we have hit.
This is basically to humiliate our friends who we have tp'd
VictimItem1CostItem 2CostItem 3CostItem 4CostItem 5CostItem 6Cost
Amber24 Rolls of Tp$6.002 bags of cookies$3.00none$0.00none$0.00none$0.00none$0.00
Rachel24 Rolls of Tp$6.00Cookies(not used)$3.00none$0.00none$0.00none$0.00none$0.00
Amber(2nd time)8 rolls of Tp$2.006 bags of leavesBorrowed from Neighbor8 Political SignsBorrowed40 lb's of bird seed$9.00Road BarrierBorrowed2 roses and choclates$13.00
Natalie24 rolls of Tp$6.00Cookies$2.00none$0.00none$.00none$0.00none$0.00
To find out more information and pics, choose a link and find out what we did to our vitims.
Amber, Amber (2nd Time), Natalie, ?????,

Remember, Those who plot against us shall Pay!
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