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Matt's All Star List

NameClass RankTitles/AwardsPositon#Comments
Nick CiaramitaroSeniorSpeaking Captain, All Confrence, Rank 3rd in Disrict, Rank 14th in the Regional, All State Honorable MentionCenter Defense10{RETIRED}Nick your the man, I'll miss you tremendously.
Justin GaluzkaSeniorAll Conference, All District, Master of the FLYING KNEECenter Forward28Justin, you have taught me everything I need to know to be a great forward. I will never be able to head the ball like you but I sure will try!
Nate HauganSeniorAll Conference, the Epitome of LightningRight Defense13Nate, your one of the best defenders I've ever played against, playin you in practice is what helped me succeed in the games, once I played you I played the best!!
Dennis LagorioSeniorMost Improved, All State Academic AwardLeft Defense7Dennis, this year you finally got a real posistion, you know you're awesome!
Mike CouckSeniorMy most Inspirational PlayerRight Forward9Mike, you were one of the most fun players of all, on the field, on the trips, I will never forget you! Shabadoo
Marcus MatthewsSeniorAll District, SUCRAMGoalie17Marcus, you are a true goalie, everytime I run I will think you are there with me(running partner)
Joel MausJuniorAll Conference, Most Spirited, MoJo JoJo, CaptainStopper14Joel, It'll be a tuff season next year but me and you will make it fun!!
Mike UpshurSophomoreAssist ManLeft Mid22Mike, it's gonna be all you and me next year baby! M&M connection!
Nate PeschlFreshmanDumb Nate, Master Nate, Nature NateRight Mid8Nature Nate, next year your going to have to step up and be a great player!
David WatsonFreshmanSpeedy Little FellowCenter Forward2Watson, OOOOOOO!, I'll never forget all the times we had hangin out at the overnights!