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Sorry for not writin in a while, As u can proboblly c ive done alittle work to the site, i wasnt happy with the old look. Nothin much new is goin on, im not playin baseball this year (sorry mike, i PROMISE next year; however, i am helping the girls soccer team and o god do they need it(no offense girls). School is almost over not to much longer left i cant wait, ttyl bye!

Hello again. Its been awhile since of written anything. As u can c ive updated alot of other things. Basketball has been goin pretty good, were 3-2 in the conference. Homecoming is coming up and we are going to crush bethesda. I'm busy doin a bunch of stuff so i guess ill c ya around. Bye.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wish everyone a very nice christmas and safe holidays. Well so far I am enjoying Christmas break but it has been going a little slow. I guess theres nothin new around here, catch ya later.

Whats up everyone,well christmas break is here and theres no more school (for a few weeks anyway) I can't wait till we all go sleading, it should be fun. Be sure to check out the new links that I have added, Peace out, Talk 2 ya later!

Sup, well the sights comin along, I still have a few more things to finish. I've had 2 basketball games so far and we've lost both of them. Well I hope everyones enjoying there snow days, I know I am. C yaround

Whats up, I've started this web page not to long ago and it's almost finished right now! I've been workin hard on it with the help of Mike Upshur(thanx mike). I hope you think it's cool cuz I spent alot of time on it.

Right now I've just started basketball. I made the varsity team this year and our first game is Thursday. Well, thats about it for now

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