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The website for pong lovers.

This site is devoted to playing pong. The pong game has been written in javascript using the superb Paint Shop Pro 7 for the graphics. It is 1 or 2 player with 16 computer difficulty levels. There is the option of missiles whose effect on the paddles can be altered. The harder computer players move faster, fire more frequently and are less likely to be baffled by the reverse effect. I hope you enjoy playing. Either click on pong to play or files to download this site for playing offline. Controls are:-





E-mail me if you have any good, pong-related ideas. Also if you manage to beat the computer on level 16 e-mail me and tell me and I will crank up the difficulty level.

The site is best viewed at 1024*768 but might be playable at 800*600. To get back to this main section at any time just click on the title.

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