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Estero Is On The Horizon!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's about that time again the weather is gettting nicer and everyone is getting ready to start playing again.

Everyone who is going needs to decide and let me know, because I need to reserve hotel rooms (that means all you married guys). It's going to be another year of drunken fun in the sun. We all know that for Eric it's code name Dallas. Graham just tell Michelle your going out for the paper, we'll have the get away car parked out front ready to go!!!!! If she askes about the duffel bag deny everything.

The moto of the trip as always is "Were professional drinkers with a volleyball problem."

We're all looking forward to the third annual boys meeting. So we are hoping that the original founding members will attend this years event. And it's going to be just as fun as previous years. We are hoping for no arrests and maybe we shouldn't let Pheffer drink during the day with us this time. We all know that he likes to get his sleep but you can sleep when you are dead Pheffer.