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Waterfowl & upland birds

Canadian geese, ducks, pheasants, Chukars, & Quail

Betty's Chukars
Cutch's Chukars
Betty & friends
Cutch, Princess, & Max
son Scott grandson Gregg
Betty with Honkers & Mallards
Betty Princess & honkers
Betty Cutch & honkers
Malheur Lake hunt
Cutch Princess & honkers
morning hunt at Malheur Lake
Valley Quail

Bird dogs

our German Shorthair Princess
our German Shorthair Max
Scott's Chocolate Lab Chip
Princess & Max
Will's Chocolate Lab Molly
grandson Gregg's Black Lab Sprig
Princess and her 9 puppies

Family and their dogs

daughter Kellie Riley Shady
Kellie hubby JimC Riley Shady
hold still for pic
son Scott Chip Whiskey
Scott's wife Jill Chip Whiskey
Grandson Gregg & Sprig