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Big game hunting

Antelope, Deer, Elk, & Moose

Cutch Kellie Scott
nephew Danny Betty & kids
wife Betty
13 bucks by noon
Brinkley Boys & Scott
Kellie Cutch RandyB
daughters Kim Kellie
Scott's 1st buck
Levi Scott Seth & Joe
monster mulies
I'd smile too!
Cookie Betty Armondo
cleaning a buck
Vernon Terry Ivan
Big bull elk
Scott's 1st elk
Alberta Canada moose hunting crew
moose guide Mike & Cutch
meat wagon
Jim Webber's moose
Jim Webber & Cutch
guide Mike by our hotel

It was 1955. I was 19 and a freshman in college. This was my first muley hunt in Burns

Klamath hunting crew

taking a break
smile pretty!
our guides Ivan Gene Vernon
Klamath buds:Vernon Gene Woody

Burns hunting crew

time for lunch
The Steens Mtn hunt
the Rooostercomb meat tree
RandyM KenB Scott TrudyM
Kellie & Scott on Roostercomb hunt
our little brushbeaters
buck hanging tree
deer skinning time at Roostercomb
ready for a hunt