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Welcome to the website of the hottest new indy wrestling organization in the South!!!We are based out of Evarts, in Harlan Kentucky and though the IPW has just begun, We are already taking the Wrestling world by storm, and catching the attention of the big dogs.We have so far showed and will continue to prove that you dont have to have a million dollar budget to be the TRUE innovators of Extreme and take Sports Entertainment to a new level!!!
Be sure to book mark this page because it will be continuously updated with all the hottest IPW news, Locations of live events and all the info you need about your favorite IPW Superstars.Did you ever wonder what ever happened to real wrestling, like you used to watch when you were a kid? Not the overplayed Soap opera Stylings of the WWF,WCW,ECW. its right here in the IPW, hold on, and lace up those wrestling boots its gonna be a wild ride!!!!!!!We also have our own wrestling school, Check the contacts page for more info.
This page is dedicated to the memory of Mike "The Hammer" Gosnell.