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"Oldsmobile Omega Video's"


My video has poor audio because my old computers sound card was on it's last leg. After the video starts playing, you are going to have to turn up the volume on your speakers to hear whats going on, be sure to turn your speakers back down after viewing the video or else you'll blow them up when going back to my other pages. If your computer doesn't have a Windows Video Player, you can get a "FREE" Real Player here. FREE Real Player


Video of my Omega in Real Video format.

Video of my Omega in Windows Media Video format.


Here's some late model Omega's I came across on YouTube and on the web, I'll add others when I find them. If you have a 1975-79 Omega on video or a website, send me a email at and I'll add a link.

Video of a 1977 Omega in Minisota.

Video of a 1979 Omega in Texas.

Here's a website of a 1975 Olds Omega that someone has on like I do.