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Welcome to my MUGEN page

August 17th (4:00 pm EST)
    Added a mix to Ryu intro.  Working on Dr. Doom stage, new Blackheart stage in developement.  Should be ready in about a week or whenever I
    get settled at school, whichever comes last :-p   Trying to make Hulk stage true to the original.  I am going to animate the background after a
    certain amount of time.  I also want to make the horses break and disappear.  Need to rip the sprites first.

August 17th (3:30 pm EST)
    Just finished adding more things to the Hulk stage (90%) as well as my Ryu intro.  I changed the font, but I cannot find a good font to use that is
    like SFA3 font.  Plus, some scenes have blurry font.  I am trying to figure out why.  I used the same size, color, font, and program to do it.  Anyway,
    enjoy.  I am packing for school now and I recently quit football :-(  I have played since 5th grade.  That means more time to learn mugen
    programming while at school though.

August 7th (1:55 am EST)
    Just got off work.....uploading I. Hulk stage from Marvel Super Heroes( 80%) as well as Dr. Dooms Stages(unanimated).
    Working on the animation in both.  Tomorrow morning.  Hope to update by then and maybe a surprise stage as well.
    What would you like to see me do??

July 27th (1:45 am EST)
    Woops, accidentally deleted dan intro before giving it to trunkszero.  Anyway, just finished cammy stage from SSF2.
    Get it all while you can, I am going to clean my space soon and start over on my site.

July 24th (11:22 am EST)
    Finished Dan intro and ending for trunkszero

Incredible Hulk Stage    UPDATED  August 17th
Dr. Doom stage
Cammy SSF2 Stage
Ryu Intro    UPDATEAugust 17th
Peak Skillz Production Logo
Magneto Intro
Magneto Intro Sound

WIP Projects

August 17th
    Blackheart stage.  Have most of the sprites ripped and ready to implement after I get settled in school and  I need a new
    A7A motherboard now :(

July 7th (1:23 am EST)
     Just finished uploading Ryu intro.  Starting to clean sprites for Joe Higashi and do Hyper Sagat intro vs Ryu.  We've got a little secret for those
      who are waiting for Hyper Sagat. ;)  Check the official page here Hyper Sagat

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