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Hole by Hole

Hole #1: Hole number one, is a great starting hole, it allows golfers of all skill levels to try to play the perfect shot. With nothing but trouble on the left, you will want to keep your drive to the right side, which will lead to a short approach to this green.

Hole #2: This hole is very intimidating from the tee box. For the average golfer, you will just play an iron or fairway metal, and bail to the right side, even in the fairway you are not guaranteed a perfect and level lye. Which sets up for a difficult approach to the green.

Hole #3: This first shot requires good position of the tee, in the fairway is ideal; for that, this green is tucked behind the trees, making it more difficult for the second shot. If played right, this hole can be really rewarding.

Hole #4:From the front tees, it plays one of the easiest holes on the course. A short par5 doglegs to the left, where it requires a blind tee shot over a mound and a fairway bunker. For the big hitters, if position right, mid-iron would be the rewarding approach to this huge green… The second time around, the player’s play out of the shoot, which you will be shocked on how much 120 yards makes a difference. This hole requires three solid shots from the shoot; a par is a rewarding score on this hole.

Hole #5: Number five, is one more deceiving holes out here. With OB on the right, and trees running half way down the left, there’s no place like the fairway, a long iron is the ideal tee shot, leaving only a wedge to this two-teared green.

Hole #6:This hole is the hardest of the par3’s. Playing around 185 yards, your tee shot is hit over a gully to an elevated green. With the wind howling, the club selection will vary from mid-iron to a strong 3wood.

Hole #7:Number seven is the only hole that water really comes into play, it is around a 220yard carry over the water from the back tees, and 175 from the front. For the more confident golfer, this green can be hit from the tee, but be careful, the green is heavily guarded from all angles. The usual play is a fairway metal, to the left avoiding the water; which will leave a short pitch to the green.

Hole #8: This hole is said to make or break a round. Playing at only 145 yards, some of the pin placements on this green are the toughest on the golf course; this hole will test your short game that's forsure.

Hole #9: The signature hole; ranked the hardest hole on the course. It is a 440yard-par4 from the front tees, and 472 par5 from the blues. With trouble on both sides of the fairway, a straight drive is the way to go, leaving a long second shot to this guarded green.