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Gobucs30's Autograph Successes

Latest Successes(8/19)

I received 1/1 from Jaimie Moyer! Check out 2003 Regular Season Successes for more info!

I received 1/1 from Joel Pineiro! Check out 2003 Regular Season Successes for more info!

I started collecting autographs through the mail in 2001. In my first year of doing this. I have found that your success rate is great with Minor League Baseball players. So that is where the majority of my requests are sent to. But I still send to a lot of Major Leaguers also. Spring Training is the best time to get players from teams like the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Expos. The Yankees don't accept their mail in New York and it costs extra postage to send to Montreal or Toronto because they are in Canada. I also attend baseball games in Pittsburgh at PNC Park and in Altoona at the AA Affiliate of the Pirates. Good luck collecting autographs!

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