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The coolest thing is having your weapon be your own. Having it reflect your own personal creativity or how much of a fanatic you are!!   And there's nothing like making your weapon's performance better so you can put everyone to shame. Also it quite literally frightens people if your weapon is totally tricked out. It shows them that YOU MEAN BUSINESS.

This page lists all the mods that I have done on my Xp-150 making it totally sweet. Some mods I haven't done yet. Remember, these are just my ideas and ideas from others. There are many other things you can do with your gun, so put your mind to it. Also think about the situation you will be fighting in.

These mods are designed to be safe and not make your water gun shoot 300ft.  There are no mods on this page making super soakers dangerous.  The mods on this page are designed to make the gun more reliable.

There are many mods I have tried and failed, some are still pretty good ideas. This is a list of mostly successful ones. (Note:this will be a growing list)

1. Open up your gun.
I think anybody who claims to be a total water maniac and hasn't opened up his gun should be punished. This mod allows for many other mods. If you have to cut up or saw some pieces off to do it, go right ahead. That is what I had to do. Just do it right, and carefully. If you have a gun that opens up with ease, there should be no excuse. Once you get it open, you may find things not as they should be, possibly meaning that the gun was put together with haste.

2. Seal up any air leaks
When I took my gun apart, the air chambers were just fitted on, not glued or sealed or anything!!!! So I took some silicone, pushed the chambers all the way down, and put some on. Now it is sealed and NO air leaks. This is a big improvement. It will make your gun more stable and efficient(if yours leaks air) Even if it doesnt leak, this is insurance.

3.Fix cracks or water leaks.
EVERYBODY hates when your in the middle of a fight, and water coms streaming down your hand from the handle or trigger or something. TAKE YOUR GUN APART!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isolate the leak by taking the guts of your gun, dry pumping it, and sticking it in water. Then take epoxy resin(NOT NOT NOT RUBBER OR CONTACT CEMENT) scratch up the surface and put some on. Some guns are prone to leakage just because they have a bad design, as with my case, so even if it is not leaking, look for any weak looking spots, and epoxy them.

4. If your gun has a guide bar that the pump runs along(XP-150, XP-95 etc.), then take a hobly knife and widen the hole where the two outside plastic pieces come together(NOT THE ACTUAL WATER TUBE!) where the pump slides in so you can take it out if you need to to clean it by just removing the handle and not taking the gun apart all over again. Stock, you can not take the white pump out, because the orange ring that keeps the water sealed in the pump chamber wont fit through the hole. This allows for easier access to the pump but in no way improves the weapon other that having the ability to get the pump out without taking the gun apart.

5. Grease the metal parts

If you have ever opened up an old water gun, all the metal parts are all rusty(it happens) This certainly widens the margin or failure you gun could have or might weaken the plastic where the rust is just sitting.
Open up your gun, clean up any rust on all the metal parts and put some grease on them. When you put grease on the shafts where the trigger slides, your trigger operation will be buttery smooth.

These are most of the internal mods/now for outside ones

6. Cover up

I was hiding. It was a good hiding spot. But they saw me. Actually they didn't see me, rather they saw my gun. This is perhaps the most effective mod. Covering up your gun is a smart idea, JUST DONT SLOPPILY COVER IT WITH PAINT-VERY EXTREMELY BAD IDEA!!!!!!!Not only will if have a chance of seeping into cracks oand clogging vital part and make it impossible to ever open your gun again, it just downright smells bad. Plus you dont want to have to think of an explanation for your foolish behavior to the return clerk if your gun ever breakes.
Yes, I painted my gun, and yes, as you may have guessed, it broke. And yes, I wanted to take it back. So I spent 10 LONG hours cleaning absolutely all the paint off with acetone and a scraper.  I learned from my mistakes. Please learn from them too. Some good Ideas for personalizing or camofauging your gun is a permanent marker(not as bad as paint), black tape or duct tape, even camo cloth works well and hides the guns lines, just make sure you cover up the silly colored water tanks. I think one of the BEST possible ideas could be tie on some natuaral vegetation to your gun, native to your area. You would probably have to do it everytime, but the concealment would be unmatched. just dont drop your gun, you may have a hard time finding it!!!  Be creative when covering up your gun. I have just listed a few things. Remember doing this to your gun STRIKES FEAR into the enemy, something that can be used against them.

New as of 3/16/01-I decided to paint my new Super Charger 600.  I was careful.  I painted each side piece separately without the internal workings of the gun attatched and painted it by hand.  This was okay because I never plan to sell this gun or take it back, and I can't really, because they don't make it anymore!!!!  As long as you plan to keep your gun (not refund it) which means you will have to repair it when it breaks, you can paint it (just be very very VERY careful)

7. Sight

This kinda sounds ridiculous, but it works. I made a sight to fit on the front bubble air chamber of my 150. it has a wood piece that conforms to the circular curve. I attached a thin metal pipe to the top of it after adding a small groove so it wouldnt flop around and held it on with two bolts through a circular piece of thick aluminum wire on the bottom of the chamber. No holes or permanent mods to the gun at all, and it gets fantastic accuarce at 5 meters, short range. It may sound funny but just one more thing to intimidate the enemy!!!!!!! I don't have it on the XP-150 anymore, but I do have a sight on my CPS-1200 sniper rifle.  Check it out at Sniper Weapons.

8. flash light

Not my idea, but a good one. Attach with tape or wire or rope to the front of your gun, make sure the beam is adjusted to where the stream of water shoots.

9. Sling/strap

I made my own sling/strap form an old brown leather belt and parachute cord. If you own a CPS, you must make one of these!!!!!!The straps the CPS guns come with is PATHETIC TRASH. I have personally witnessed a CPS falling off all the way to the ground ,three times!!! Not a pretty sight. You dont have to make it out of leather, but make you own, (you could write intimidating things on it too) and make it STRONG and use it for a sling and a harness when shooting.

10. Facepaint(military)

Just a good thing to have around. I tape some onto my gun for if I need it or if one of my team members needs it(I would NOT want to get discovered just because my buddy had no faicepaint on)

11. Comfort

Try to mod your gun so it is more comfortable to you, so that you can keep you mind on the war, and not on your aching hand.
I covered my guns handle in some of that 10 speed road bike handlebar foam wrap(black, of course) which can give a nice feeling to the handle, especially if you have large hands and the handle is small. Also you can put some thin foam around the trigger to make it more comfortable and to increase the sensitivity of the trigger(not the speed of pulling the trigger) May help in saving unessissary shots being fired.  Just know if you put anything around any part of the gun, you'll have to either cut it or take it off to get the gun apart.

12. Laser

I have never put a laser on my gun before, but if you try, just make sure you angle it slightly down, because the water stream will start to fall after you shoot.

13. More tape

You can put duct tape or black electrical tape on all the hight spots of your gun so that they wont get scratched up and show the bright colors of the actual gun.


14. Strengthening the CPS pumps

This mod does work, to a certain extent.  It was an idea that came to me.  The white pump tube on the cps guns is too flimsy to pump really hard, so try putting a dowel rod in it or something. 

15 Turning the CPS 1200 into an assault shotgun

Just know once you do it, assume that you can't go back(to the 5x nozzle) This mod makes this gun have a specific purpose, meaning you shouldn't just use this gun alone if you decide to do the mod, because it makes the gun much more specialized so its not as versatile, but man, when you hit someone with this thing close range(5-10ft.) they are dripping wet. It pretty much concentrated all the firepower of the 1200. Ok, so here is how I did it.
1.First you will need a hobbie saw or knife, 3 inches of copper pipe(the kind that is about 5/8 of an inch in diameter) and black electric tape.
2.Take off the red nozzle cover(saw a slit in the top of it or something, it's pretty hard to get off.
3.See the round nozzle sticking out now? Cut(saw) it so it is 1 and 1/4 inches long, meaning it sticks out 1 and 1/4 inches from the rest of the gun .(there are several screens in here, the metal screens and the plastic screens, i don't think they do anything but limit power. Now the gun is full riot blast)
4. Take the copper pipe. Cut it so it is about 2 and 1/2 inches long. Stick it in a vice vertically so you can look down it. Take a screwdriver(large flat standard) and lightly hammer the edge of the end of the pipe at a 45 degree angle(this distorts the round shape of the end of the pipe, which will be the nozzle).(USE SAFETY GLASSES. you don't want that screwdriver slipping up) Hammer it until the point where your hammering bends the rim in about 4 to 5 mm. Do this 4 times total, by turning the pipe and doing it again. The goal is to look at the end of the copper pipe and see a plus (+) sign with all slightly rounded corners. That plus sign will be your nozzle. The thickness of the plus sign should be about 3-4 mm. You must experiment with the shape a little bit. Basically what you are trying to achieve is a balance between shot distance and water output.
5. Next, the other end of the pipe with be where it attaches to the guns plastic nozzle on the inside. The pipe is just a little too small, so wrap the end of the copper pipe 2 or 3 times in black electrical tape so it will widen the diameter of the pipe
6. Test fit it in the plastic nozzle of the 1200. The inside of the plasic nozzle narrows about an inch in from where you cut it. This should fit the pipe with electrical tape nicely. You will have to adust the tape on the pipe. The fit should not be so loose that water leakes from the fitting, but should be loose enough to get the nozzle back out with a little twisting. By adjusting the fit and the shape of the nozzle, you will have a great assault shotgun that should get about 15 ft maximum distance but, like the name of the mod, creates a ferocious shotgun blast that, if shot accurately, will be worse that a garden hose at point blank. The shot lasts no longer than 2 seconds more like a second, so be careful. Note:this mod is not recommended if you plan to fight by yourself, because now that the weapon has power but not range, guns with regular guns can get in shots and you won't be able to touch them. This gun HAS to be used in a team, with other longer range Super Soakers, for the specific purpose that you created for it, which is upfront point blank assaults. This is a permanent mod.

There are many other tips out there, such as removing a nozzle to get a riot blast, but I achieved my goal of making a uniform list of rad mods that can pretty much be done to any gun and be reversed, except for if you have to saw a part of your gun to open it and sealing leaks with silicone and epoxy, but then, would you want to reverse em? So enjoy them and let me know if you have any good mods. Reach me at:

*Even though this is a big list, it is NOT complete, and probably will never be complete, because new things are thought up every day and people have a lot of good ideas they can write me about*

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