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Blasters                           submitted info
Here is info about blasters and blaster mods that people have sent in.  Since these are the opinions, ideas, and projects of others, I cannot recommend them as useful, it is up to you to decide.  I will not post anything that I deem to be unsafe or an irresponsible mod.  Use at your own discretion.   Be responsible, and be smart when working with mods.  No one is responsible but you.

If you wish to send in your own, check for spelling errors.  No swearing, please.

XP-310 nozzle mod

I drilled two of the four nozzles on an XP 310. Now instead of 1X, 1.2X, 1.5X,
and 2X, I have 1X, 2X, 3.5X, and 10X. Those last two are estimated, and the 10X
is something like the assault shotgun mod for the CPS 1200 that you showed on
your site. Now I'll go over the procedures (sorry, no pics):

You will need:
€ An XP 310 or other Super Soaker (I used a 310)
€ An electric drill with (approximately) a 1/16 inch bit and a 3/16 inch
€ Safety goggles (if you want)

1. Ready all your equipment. Make sure the Super Soaker is dry and clean.
2. Place the gun on its side with either the 1.2X or 1.5X nozzle topmost.
3. Using the 1/16 inch bit, drill into the existing nozzle hole. Try to drill
straight and clean.
4. Repeat step 3 with the other nozzle.
5. Using the larger 3/16 inch bit, drill through one of the drilled nozzles
again. The former drilled hole will act as a pilot hole.
6. Go outside and test out the new nozzles.

The really big one makes a huge stream of water for such a small weapon, but
wastes water at a dizzying pace and has little to no range (about 5-10 feet or
2-3 meters). The other one, which I judged to be about 3.5X, is a better combo
between range and power.


Monster nozzle mod

Okay, yea, we must all admit, larami kind of screwed up making the 2001
monster water gun. Its not all that flimsy, but could use some little (and i
mean WEE) adjusments. I found that these adjusments made my monster the most
feared water weapon on the field (even a guy with a CPS 3200 ran away from me
because of these 'adjusments').
Anyway, here they are

1. unscrew all the screwes of your monster and screw back in tighter.

2 The handle on this thing just plain sucks. It makes your hand hurt (upper
thumb area) and its really akward with the half moon design. To fis this
problem, get some black electric tape (what, would you want yellow) and any
stuffed animal that no one cares about. Cut the throat of the stuffed animal
(just because thats where all the really soft stuff is) and take a little puff
of stuffing out. Put your hand on the handle, and find the spot where your hand
hurts, and stick the stuffing where your hand hurts on the handle. Try to keep
the stuffing in the exact same spot, and tape thorougly with the black electic
tape. You may have to do this over again and make slight adjusments, but its not
like it was hard anyway :p.

3. This adjusment makes the monster of FULL use. This is what scares people away in a
water battle. This makes the monster, a multi purpose gun indeed (note that the
monster is not to be considered a cannon because it has 4 different nozzles with
their own personality). Ya know that stupid little horizontal burst nozzle on
the monster? How would you be able to use that in battle, its pointless. I have
been in many battles and that nozzle never ever came into use. Get a knife, saw,
or sharp cutting thingy of any kind, and cut that little sucker off to the base
of the nozzle setting.

This makes that usless nozzle a all out riot blast. It makes the gun buck like a
cps 2000, and is called the 'Hostage Negotiator' nozzle setting.

And, one more thing. The monsters water tank is somewhat 'shoved into the gun'
as opposed to sticking out. This makes it impossible to hold the regular way
(tank under arm). Just put against your shoulder like a real gun and stop
whining. Not only does this increase accuracy, but it gives you better
depth-perception in battle.