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Giancarlo Fisichella @ Angelfire!
Giancarlo Fisichella ~*~ UPDATES 14-July-2002: ~*~ The Races page has been updated ~*~ The feburary News page is up to date ~*~ I am back in business with my Giancarlo Website over the next weeks you should see it start to be bought back up to date! ~*~
Dear all Fisico Fans,

Recent visitors to the site will have seen the lack of updates this is due to my own personal fault as my home computer where I do most of my work has been having major problems therefore I haven't been able to update. Please continue to visit and hopefully one massive update will occur very soon when my computer problems are sorted out.

Thank you for still visiting Giancarlo Fisichella @ Angelfire.

Sarah < Carer of this website


Hello and welcome to the all new Forever Fisico Although now it's had a name change and it's just going to be known as Giancarlo Fisichella but it's @ Angelfire!

Thank you for visiting Giancarlo Fisichella @ Angelfire and I'm sure you will want to come back again and again

Thank you! Sarah!

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Giancarlo Fisichella