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Greater Danbury Area Badminton Club
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We're a member of the Connecticut Badminton Association.
If you want to play with us, Please e-mail us asap!
Registration required.
Click the "Directions" button to find out where we play.


We have three courts; the floor is wooden. We play primarily doubles, owing to the number of people who want to play. Two courts has single lines in addition to the doubles lines. No singles will be played while people are sitting out, unless they are ok.

Wear sneakers with white soles; bring your own racket. Nets and limited Feather shuttles provided. You can bring your own feather shuttles if you would prefer to play with them. A limited number of rackets are available to borrow until you get your own. Often, rackets are available for purchase, but you shouldn't count on it.

Players are encouraged to voluntarily mix play with all other players, including the beginner players to provide them an opportunity to improve. (Smashing at beginners is frowned upon.) Weaker players are expected to realize that stronger players would like to play some challenging games, and should allow them to do that, too.

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