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At the 2001 Canadians



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Emanuel Sandhu has finally captured the Canadian men's crown at the 2001 Canadian Championships. His ability to be graceful on the ice while landing triples (and quads) earned him this well deserved title.

Emanuel has a background in dance, which is quite apperant in his musical interpritations. He studied at the National Ballet of Canada for a number of years, which helped in his training. Nowadays, Emanuel is considered an artist on the ice with (almost) no compare.

As well as his fluidity, Emanuel has strong technical elements which class him with the world's best. At a recent compitition, he landed a clean quad-toe triple-toe, one of the best ever seen.

With all of this up his sleeve, he will be quite a contender at the World Championships later in the year.

UPDATE!!!! Emanuel Sandhu has placed 9th in the world at the 2001 World Figure Skating Championships!!!! Special Note: He placed fifth (yes 5th) in the long programme!!!!!!! Congratulations Emanuel!