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BodyGuard Services

Daniel Quoniam is available as a professional bodyguard to businessmen, actors, and celebrities who visit Paris. If you wish to have personal protection while you tour beautiful  Paris please call Daniel Quoniam at 06-72-04-52-82 or E-mail him at

Weilin Quoniam with over 30 years martial arts training, black belt in Judo and Jiu jitsu, 6 years in submission wrestling, and a champion kickboxer is also available as your personal bodyguard while visiting Europe. As beautiful and deadly as any of the "Bond" girls - James Bond- Let Weilin escort you safely around Paris. E-mail her at



Daniel gives seminars on all forms of combat throughout Europe. Shown here with his good friend and colleague Bass Rutin second from the right at a seminar in Holland. Daniels' martial arts academies from France regularly compete in tournaments against Holland.

Daniel is proficient in:

Thai Boxing
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu