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4 Oct 2003 - Hendo fails a fitness test and Summerbell, Russell, Simpson and Raven remain long term crocks.

Kidderminster 2 - 1 United (Murphy, 63 mins). League Position, Bottom. Att - 2488.

Glennon - 7, Shelley - 7, Andrews - 7, Kelly - 6, Byrne - 7 (Wake - 6), McGill - 6, McDonagh - 6, Billy - 6, Molloy - 6 (Rundle - 6), Murphy - 7, Foran - 7. Not Used - Keen, Lynn, Farrell.

3 Games Man of the Match - Richie Foran. He might have missed a good chance but he puts himself everywhere and causes problems for the opposition.

3 Games Comment - Another game where we could have taken something but haven't. Basic mistakes and daft losses of concentration are hurting us deeply at the moment. We're doing enough right at the moment not to have to chuck the towel in but we need to start eradicating the errors. Big game against Hull coming up, maximum concentration and effort required. I'm sure we'll get it.

30 Sep 2003 - Kevin Henderson joins the injury list ahead of tonights game as Pete Murphy passes a late fitness test.

United 0 - 1 Orient. League Position, Bottom. Att - 4650.

Glennon - 6, Shelley - 7, Andrews - 7, Murphy - 6, Byrne - 7, McGill - 6 (Kelly - 6), Billy - 6, McDonagh - 7, Molloy - 6 (Rundle - 6), Foran - 7, Wake - 6 (Farrell - 6). Not Used - Summerbell, Jack.

3 Games Man of the Match - For 30 minutes we could have picked everyone ..... then we lost our way. Yet again Richie Foran gave it all but Brian Shelley was the most composed player on the park, so he gets the vote.

3 Games Comment - Disappointment and supporting Carlisle go hand in hand. This game could and should have been buried long before Orient got their goal but a catalogue of poor finishing, that eventually sapped the confidence of the team, was to be our undoing. 4 points adrift of safety - we've been in worse positions before but it's hard to remember feeling worse. So much being done right on the pitch is undone by the odd error or the lack of composure every single game. The slide needs to be halted before it gets to be too big a gap. It could quickly get to the stage where a run of 3 wins will still see us in the relegation zone. It's still too early to chuck the towel in, and things are improving under Simmo, but we need to turn the good performances into goals and points for it to have any real effect. Who'd be a United fan eh!!

27 Sep 2003 - Paul Simpson is expected to be confirmed as Carlisle manager on Monday after negotiations at the club all week. John Ward looks set to join him as Assistant Manager.

United 1 - 2 Swansea (Foran, 42 mins, pen). League Position, Bottom . Att - 4854.

Glennon - 6, Shelley - 6, Andrews - 7, Raven - 6 (Molloy - 7), Byrne - 7, McGill - 7, Billy - 8, McDonagh - 6, Murphy - 6, Foran - 7, Henderson - 7 (Wake - 6). Not Used - Keen, Jack, Lynn.

3 Games Man of the Match - Richie Foran is looking really lively up front, and is giving it everything ,but Chris Billy had by far his best performance in a Carlisle shirt so far so gets the vote.

3 Games Comment - Apart from a bizarre five minutes, which included two very debatable decisions made by the referee, Carlisle proved to be more than a match for top of the table Swansea City. Luck is bound to change soon; that's three penalties against in three games and two cases of hitting the woodwork when, in better times, they will go in. We're playing well but we really need to start turning that in to points sooner rather than later or this is not going to be an easy season at all. Molloy looks to be a real find and the senior players appear to be getting it together but it's never nice being bottom of the table. Let's hope we can start a better run of luck this Tuesday evening against Orient.

29/30 Aug 2003 - Roddy Collins is sacked after a unanimous decision by the board to release him. Paul Simpson takes over as caretaker. Lee Maddison joins Gretna on a 3 year deal.

United 0 - 0 Cambridge. League Position, Bottom. Att - 4571.

Glennon - 6, Shelley - 7, Andrews - 8, Kelly - 7, Murphy - 7, Billy - 6, Summerbell - 8, Rundle - 8 (McGill - 7), McDonagh - 7 (D Byrne - 7), Foran - 8, Farrell - 8 (Wake - 6). Not Used - Russell & Keen.

3 Games Man of the Match - It's always nice when it's difficult to single players out. It could have been Rundle who was dangerous, it could have been Summerbell who was everywhere or it could have been hard working Richie Foran. We've gone for Andrews after a very assured game at the back.

3 Games Comment - Still no goal but a heck of a lot of good work today raised spirits both on and off the pitch. The confidence around the opposition box is still not there but, when it comes, we should be able to pull well away from this mire we are currently in. An enjoyable 0-0 draw today with signs that not all is lost. Let's hope the manager position is either given to Simmo or handed to someone new so that we can get settled and get on with it.

25 Aug 2003 - United travel to York Street Stadium with no new injury worries.

Boston 1 - 0 United. League Position, Bottom. Att - 2527.

Glennon - 6, Shelley - 6 (Rundle - 5), Andrews - 7, Raven - 6, Maddison - 5, Billy - 5, Summerbell - 7, Simpson - 6 (McDonagh - 5), McGill - 6 (Wake - 5), Foran - 7, Farrell - 6. Not Used - Russell & Murphy.

3 Games Man of the Match - Summerbell is trying to do the work of 3 men and Simmo keeps plugging away. Richie Foran is feeling the pain of this bad run as much as anyone and is giving it all. Richie gets it again.

3 Games Comment - This is hard at the moment. So much is wrong but, yet, is only a short step from being right. We really need to find a goal scorer from somewhere or this run of not scoring is going to cripple us. 'Early days' is no longer a valid comment. Nil points from 12 is a big loss. We, as fans, need to get behind the lads during the 90 minutes at every home game over the coming weeks, even if we go behind, as confidence is non-existent. Very difficult times indeed at Brunton Park. Let's dig in and get through it.

23 Aug 2003 - Collins says he is happy with the outcome of a board meeting and a players meeting that have both 'cleared the air' as he comes under pressure after a bad start to the season.

United 0 - 2 Bristol Rovers. League Position 23rd. Att - 4764.

Glennon - 7, Shelley - 7 (Rundle - 6), Kelly - 5 (Andrews - 7), Raven - 5, Murphy - 5, McGill - 6, Summerbell - 6, Billy - 5, Simpson - 7, Farrell - 7 (Wake - 6), Foran - 8. Subs Not Used - Russell & McDonagh.

3 Games Man of the Match - Simmo had his best game for us so far but Richie Foran gave it everything and gets our vote.

3 Games Comment - The free kick that gave them the lead was just one of those things but the manner in which Agogo tore us apart to set up the second is very worrying. We seem to be doing good things with the ball but are still making basic errors in defence and lacking belief in attack. If we continue to follow this trend we will struggle and find it hard to come back. Good times are just a matter of confidence away. I hope something clicks soon or confidence will be harder to find than points are at the moment.

22 Aug 2003 - Ryan Baldacchino joins Gretna on a 3 month loan deal.

21 Aug 2003 - Mark Birch joins Gretna for an undisclosed fee on a 3 year contract as Collins looks to lighten the wage bill and bring in new blood.

16 Aug 2003 - Murphy, Baldacchino and Farrell stay in Carlisle for injury treatment ahead of the Yeovil game.

Yeovil 3 - 0 United. League Position 23rd. Att - 6347.

Glennon - 7, Birch - 6 (Rundle - 6), Maddison - 6, Kelly - 5, Raven - 5, McGill - 6, Billy - 6, Foran - 6, Simpson - 6, Livingstone - 6, Russell - 5 (Summerbell - 6). Subs Not Used - Andrews, McDonagh & Wake.

3 Games Man of the Match - Matty Glennon kept the score respectable so he gets the nod.

3 Games Comment - Starting slowly at this level is always a killer and United have started both League games on the back foot so far. Heads are dropping as soon as we go behind these days which is very worrying. We need these lads, who we know can play better than this, to do just that. Very very depressing at the moment as we slump in to a familiar League position. However early in the season it is it still hurts.

12 Aug 2003 - Roddy teases the press who, predictably, bite when he tells them that Carlisle will send a reserve team to Walsall.

Walsall 2 - 1 United (Russell, 32 mins). Carling Cup 1st Round.

Glennon - 7, Shelley - 8, Andrews - 8, Murphy - 8, Maddison - 7 (Kelly - 7), Baldacchino - 8, McDonagh - 8, Foran - 8 (Billy - 8), Rundle - 8, Wake - 8 (Livingstone - 7), Russell - 8. Subs Not Used - Keen, McGill.

3 Games Man of the Match - Close call as any number of players could have been awarded this. Russell looked good up front, Baldy and McDonagh were excellent in midfield, but our final vote went to Brian Shelley for his best performance in a Carlisle shirt by far.

3 Games Comment - United were awesome tonight. Passing and moving and looking very comfortable on the ball, we often looked the better of the two sides on show. Paul Merson was the difference, in the end, between the two sides and, but for him and the width of a cross bar, we could well have gone through tonight. The pleasing thing is that we thoroughly deserved to. Plenty of good things to take away from tonight and trying to pick 11 players to start against Yeovil is not going to be easy as competition hots up for places.

9 Aug 2003 - News signings Paul Simpson, Chris Billy and Steve Livingstone look set to start in United's opening game of the season.

United 1 - 2 York City (Raven, 5 mins). League Position, 15th. Att - 7261.

Glennon - 7, Birch - 7 (Rundle 7), Kelly - 6, Raven - 6, Murphy - 6, McGill - 8, Simpson - 7 (Baldacchino - 7), Billy - 6, Foran - 6 (Wake - 6), Farrell - 8, Livingstone - 5. Subs not used - Maddison, McDonagh.

3 Games Man of the Match - Craig Farrell. Worked hard and used the ball well. By far the most effective front man.

3 Games Comment - A real shame that we lost the opening game as everyone's hopes were so high. However, as Roddy said, this is just one game and we are so much better equipped than we have been in previous seasons for the battle ahead. We will need to iron out the silly mistakes though if we are to be serious contenders for anything this season. Disappointed - aye. Lost all hope - no way. We'll still do ok if the players settle quickly and put this behind them.

Daily Diary took a break for the summer.

24 May 2003 - Ray Train parts company with Middlesbrough. Other News - Gary Peters quits as Exeter City boss. The Supporters Trust have taken control of the club and have asked Steve Perryman to act as an advisor. Bournemouth become the first team to score 5 goals in a Div 3 Play Off final and the total tally of 7 goals becomes an overall Play Off record. The victory over Lincoln by 5-2 sends Bournemouth up. Debutants James Anderson and Anthony McGrath bowl England to an innings victory at Lord's in the first Test against Zimbabwe. Planning begins as the UK looks set to deploy UK Troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

23 May 2003 - Paul Kee resigns from his post as Youth Development Officer and returns to Northern Ireland. Youngster Robbie Burns becomes United's 3rd full time professional keeper. Other News - Lee Bowyer joins Newcastle. The SPL vote not to allow Division One Champions Falkirk to be promoted. Blast barriers are placed around the Houses of Parliament in a bid to defend against terro attacks. The Israeli PM says he will submit the proposals set out in a US-backed international peace plan to his cabinet.

22 May 2003 - Chris Billy is expected to formally sign for the club next week. Refurbishment begins at Brunton Park as the bars, pitch and staff areas get a face lift. Other News - Lee Bowyer is rumoured to be ready to sign a 5 year deal with Newcastle. Celtic lose the UEFA Cup final by 3-2 in a bad tempered affair against Porto. David O'Leary joins Aston Villa. Sunderland keeper Jurgen Macho heads towards Chelsea. Kevin Phillips may end up at the same club. Al Qaeda issue a 'bomb western targets' plea to Muslims worldwide. Lt Col Tim Collins, the inspirational commanding officer who made headlines with his pre-war speech, is accused of serious malpractice during the Gulf War.

15 May 2003 - John Courtenay denies claims made by Hull midfielder Stu Green that Carlisle United could not afford to buy him. Green returns to Humberside but leaves with parting shots and accusations, ensuring that he has absolutely no support left in Carlisle. Jon McCarthy fails to agree terms and decides to leave the club. Chris Billy, the Bury midfielder, arrives in Carlisle to discuss terms with Roddy Collins. Other News - Leeds United sack Eddie Gray and Brian Kidd. Chris Coleman is named as Fulham boss. Graham Taylor confirms that he has left Aston Villa and suggests that the board needs to do likewise if the club is to progress. The Government back plans for Britain to bid for the 2012 Olympics. Flights between the UK and Kenya are being suspended because of an "imminent" threat to British planes. The long-awaited announcement on whether the UK should join the euro will be made on 9 June.

13 May 2003 - Roddy Collins hints that a deal has been agreed with an experienced midfielder and that two more experienced players will sign within the next week. Other News - Sunderland striker Kevin Phillips admits that he wants away from the Black Cats. Brazil are lined up to be the first team to play at the re-vamped Wembley Stadium. President Bush pledges to hunt down those behind the Riyadh suicide attacks, amid fears that a confirmed death toll of 29 may rise. Iain Duncan Smith outlines the Tory strategy for returning to power, including a pledge to scrap student tuition fees. It's time to celebrate - it's National Condom Week!!!!

10 May 2003 - Lee Maddison enters talks about his future at Carlisle. Doncaster win the Conference play off 3-2 against Dagenham. The golden goal victory sees the club return to the Football League 5 years after being relegated. Other News - Glenn Hoddle decides to stay with Spurs. Relatives of victims of the Potters Bar rail crash call for a public inquiry into the tragedy on its first anniversary. The US Secretary of State arrives in Israel to build support for the roadmap for Middle East peace.

9 May 2003 - Mark Birch and Paul Raven are confirmed as having signed 2 year contracts and more of United's players are expected to commit themselves soon. Other News - Peter Reid is appointed full-time manager of Leeds United after a successful spell as caretaker. John Gregory is dismissed from his job as manager of Derby County, the club confirms. US proposals being debated by the Security Council restrict the UN to an advisory role in spending Iraq's oil revenues. More than 120 people are feared dead after the rear ramp fell off a military cargo plane over DR Congo. Most of the UK's domestic electricity consumers are failing to benefit from price cuts, a watchdog says.

7 May 2003 - Player contracts are discussed as United look to build their squad in time for next season. Other News - Paul Simpson resigns as manager of Rochdale. David Wilkes leaves Huddersfield. The Football Association is expected to confirm Peter Littlewood as its new chief executive on Thursday. Rebel Labour MPs fail to defeat the government over its controversial plans for foundation hospitals. Automatic whole-life terms for some murders are announced by the government, but the plans spark controversy. Who star Pete Townshend is cautioned for accessing a paedophile site and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

6 May 2003 - Next Seasons prices are released showing a £1 increase in entry fees to Brunton Park. Rumours abound over potential signings and possible contracts as post-season boredom kicks in. Other News - Patrick Vieira promises to stay at Arsenal, David Beckham promises to stay with Man United and Liverpool promise to make more signings ...... typical sound bites from the 'plastic' end of the football spectrum as the season comes to a close. Yorkshire star Michael Vaughan is handed the England one day captaincy. George Galloway is suspended from the Labour party over remarks he made in a TV interview during the Iraq war. The parents of missing seven-year-old Daniel Entwistle ask pupils at their son's school to help them find him. Royal Engineer Simon Cullingworth is buried at a Military Funeral in Wimbish, Essex, after the return of his body from Al Basrah, in Iraq.

5 May 2003 - Pete Murphy sweeps the awards at the CUOSC dinner. Matt Glennon, Birchy, Maddo and Leon Osman also come away with awards. Northbank beat United 4-0 in the Cumberland Cup Final at Brunton Park. Other News - Man United celebrate confirmation of their latest title victory. The US says Huda Ammash, a scientist and one of the only women in Saddam Hussein's inner circle, is in its custody. Alan Milburn pledges to quit if patients face charges at foundation hospitals, as opposition to the plans grow.

3 May 2003 - Shrewsbury and Exeter drop out of the Football League at the end of a gruelling Third Division season.

United 0 - 2 Bournemouth. League Position, 22nd. Att - 7402.

Keen - 7, Shelley - 6 (Nixon - 6), Kelly - 6, Andrews - 7, Rundle - 6 (Murphy - 7), Baldacchino - 7 (Dillon - 7), Jack - 7, McCarthy - 8, McGill - 6, Wake - 7, Farrell - 6.

3 Games Man of the Match - Jon McCarthy is playing extremely well and has got to be worth at least one more season.

3 Games Comment - Well, it didn't really matter at all, did it? To be honest, it was actually an enjoyable game in the end of season rain and we showed enough to suggest that we have some good players knocking around this club. Very relaxed atmosphere for a very relaxed game. Bring on next season.

2 May 2003 - Physio Neil Dalton re-registers as a player as Uniteds injury crisis deepens. Other News - Another British soldier is killed on the outskirts of Basrah, in Iraq.

1 May 2003 - Peter Murphy picks up the award for Supporters Player of the Season after some fantastic defensive performances. He predicts that next season will see a midfielder or attacker claim the prize as United will be pushing for promotion. Kevin Ratcliffe admits that he feels he was left with no option but to quit after his team were relegated. Club Physio Neil Dalton re-registers as a player as United face an injury crisis ahead of the Bournemouth game. Other News - UEFA fines the FA £70,000 for pitch invasions and racist abuse during England's win over Turkey. The Northern Ireland Assembly elections are postponed over lack of clarity about the IRA's future, says the government. May Day Protesters demonstrate in central London, with reports of a minor scuffle amid mainly peaceful rallies.

30 April 2003 - Brian Wake refuses to take the credit for United's survival choosing to remind everyone that the club is full of talented, hard working players. Roddy Collins admits that he is gutted for his friend Kevin Ratcliffe, who resigned his position as manager of the Shrews today. John Courtenay admits to being delighted but also spares a thought for the relegated teams. Other News - England look set to refuse tickets for the away match in Turkey after crowd trouble at the home fixture marred the victory in the Euro Championships qualifier. Christophe Dugarry pledges his future to Birmingham. Marcel Desailly admits he is to be released by Chelsea. A long-awaited plan to end the bloodshed in the Middle East is presented to Palestinian and Israeli leaders. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld hails the work coalition forces have done as US soldiers open fire and kill three more civilians in Northern Iraq.

29 April 2003 - Paul Raven returns from Lilleshall amidst rumours that he has made himself available to play in the crucial relegation decider at Gay Meadow. Shrews players admit that they have been very poor and that they now fear the consequences of relegation to the Conference. Other News - Mark Bosnich pick up a 9 month ban for failing a drugs test. West Ham manager Glen Roeder is out of danger after suffering a mild stroke. Alan Shearer is ruled out for the rest of the season after damaging his ankle against Sunderland. The US will pull their troops out of Saudi Arabia at the earliest opportunity now that Iraq has fallen. France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg hint that they are ready to form a new alliance outside of the bounds of NATO.

Shrewsbury 2 - 3 United (Wake - 35, 36 & 49 mins) League Position, 21st. Attendance - 7236.

Glennon - 8, Birch - 8 (Shelley -7 ), Murphy - 7, Raven - 6 (Andrews - 8), Maddison - 8, Baldacchino - 8, Summerbell - 8, McCarthy - 8, Russell - 8, Foran - 9, Wake - 9.

3 Games Man of the Match - Another great performance from everyone. Has to be Brian Wake for this one though.

3 Games Comment - We earned that. Heads could have gone down after a rather dubious penalty was awarded but just 7 minutes later we were in the lead. Shrews scrapped and battled but United never looked beaten, and that was the difference between the two teams in the end. When it was needed most the team have clicked and done themselves and their supporters proud. The foundations have been laid for the future. Lets hope that we don't press another self destruct button and do anything to destroy that over the next few months.

28 April 2003 - Roddy Collins applauds the effort shown by his team in Saturdays demolition of promotion hopefuls Torquay United but warns against them believing the job to be done already. Other News - Alex Ferguson refuses to accept that the Championship belongs to Man United even though his team are now 5 points clear at the top. SARS continues to spread as Vietnam becomes the only affected country to manage to cap the growth of the disease.

26 April 2003 - Roddy Collins insists he will not run out on the club if they are relegated. He also says that the departure of Stu Green will have no effect on whether the club stays up or goes down. Other News - Arsenal's draw at Bolton leaves Man Utd in pole position to win the Premier League title. Bradford Bulls beat Leeds Rhinos 22-20 in a classic Rugby League Challenge Cup final. Baghdad suffers a massive series of explosions as an arms cache catches fire and kills up to 12 people.

Torquay 2 - 3 United (Russell 30 mins, Wake 37 mins, Summerbell 46 mins). League Position 22nd. Att - 3761.

Glennon - 7, Birch - 8 (Shelley - 7), Andrews - 7, Murphy - 7, Maddison - 8, McCarthy - 7 (Rundle - 6), Summerbell - 8, Baldacchino - 9, Russell - 8, Foran - 9, Wake - 7 (Farrell - 7). Subs not used - Keen, McGill.

3 Games Man of the Match - Richie Foran and Ryan Baldacchino get our vote though Craig Russell and Mark Birch weren't far behind.

3 Games Comment - This was a cracking match to watch and a pleasure to see the lads bounce back so well from their Easter Monday nightmare. If you get what you deserve in this game then United fully deserved all 3 points from this thriller. First half was as well have we have played for many weeks and second half was a lesson in keeping your cool under pressure. Roddy will be pleased with this very important win that leaves us so close to safety. On this showing we have nothing to worry about.

25 April 2003 - Stu Green is confirmed as having been released by the club after it is believed that he tried to secure his future with Hull City should Carlisle United be relegated. Other News - David Beckham denies reports that he will move to Real Madrid in the summer. Trevor Brooking takes charge at west Ham whilst Glen Roeder recovers from a mild stroke. Iraq's former Deputy Prime Minister, Tariq Aziz, is being questioned by American officials following his arrest. An armed hijacker surrenders to German police after seizing a city bus and holding its passengers hostage. A 35-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of murdering Sussex schoolteacher Jane Longhurst.

24 April 2003 - Stu Green insists that he still wants to play for Carlisle despite rumours suggesting otherwise. Bren McGill and Craig Farrell look set to return for the weekend away game at Plainmoor. John Courtenay clarifies his statement earlier in the week by insisting that he will be with CUFC for the full 5 years that he had previously promised. Roddy Collins shoulders the blame for the 6-1 defeat at Wrexham saying that he got his team selection wrong. Other News - League Chairmen meet at the Walker Stadium and agree radical changes to the game including the following; any team to fall into administration will be docked points or even relegated; Third Division wages will be capped as a percentage of annual takeover; play off tournaments will be extended to six teams rather than four.

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