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Merthyr Tack And Animal Feed Centre

This page is under construction so please be patient, until the page is fully completed please ring

Shop 01685/373375


Or why not visit the Shop at.

6 Garth Villas


Merthyr Tydfil

(Opposite Merthyr Nursing Home)

Delivery Service Available.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.0 am. - 6.0 pm

Saturday 9.0 am. - 5.0 pm

Sunday 10.0 am - 1.0 pm

Suppliers Of All Equestrian Tack And Animal Feeds,We also supply.

Saddles,Bridles,Jodpurs,Rugs,Jackets,Equine Health Care,Etc.

Horse Food, Hay And Straw,Shavings,Dog Food And Chicken Feed.

Pigeon, Parrot,Cockateil,Ferret,Rabbit,Guinea Pig,Hamster,Budgie And Canary Feed.