Easy moves

Bunny Hop
A simple move by standing up, then pressing the brake and then pulling your bike up with your feet and handlebars.

An easy move, first started pedalling slowly. Then you want to lightly press the breaks untill you are not moving your bike and you are stalled.(Picture coming soon)

Once you get the hang of it you will be pulling them all over the place. First start riding (uphill and in a low gear is easiest) then you want to pull up your handlebars and lean back (not to far)and pedal slowly. Practice this a few times and you should get it.

Semi-difficult moves

you need something that is about half a foot to a foot high;( a step, piece of wood, etc.)Ride up to the object and pop your front tire onto it by pulling slightly up with the handlebars. Once your front tire is on the object, stand up on your bike and turn with your hips. Sort of like a wheelie 90 degree turn. Once you get good you can do up to about a 270 degree turn.

Difficult moves

360 turn
Start riding on a flat surface grass preferably so you don't get hurt the first time. Slow down until you have almost stopped. Pull up your bike and twist at the same time, but don't pedal. This is an extremely difficult trick to do.

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