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This website is dedicated and created for the Toyota Supra and their owners. This website is intended to provide information about the Toyota Supra and events that pertain to the Supra. The website was also created to represent the SouthWest Supra Chapter of SOGI. SOGI or Supra Owner's Group, Interntional also know as is the mother site to most Supra websites. SOGI is the main Supra website for practical everything that deals with the Supra.


The SouthWest Supras are formed by but not limited to Supra owners that live in the SouthWest region of the United States. Most of the Supra owners are enthusiasts that appreciate their cars as great driving machines. The SouthWest group has yearly events that gather many owners to show off their cars. The SouthWest Supras members communicate on a daily basis using an e-mail list. Using the e-mail list is great way to obtain quick information.


Most members will agree that the Toyota Supra is a great car own and drive. It truly is one of the best sports cars ever engineered. The technology behind the Supra has always been far more advanced than the competitors of its day. If you own a Supra or have ever driven one, you know what I am talking about. Please enjoy the website.



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