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Events(out of date)
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The Illinois, Wisconsin chapter of MARC, a Chapter of MARC the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club
The members of the Illinois/Wisconsin group, dare to do things a bit differently.  But we do have fun riding, talking about our Motorcycles/Radios, and talking over our radios etc. When the weather is nice, we like to ride, and when the weather is bad, we like to stay home and play with our radio toys, or tinker on our motorcycles etc.  So we do not have very many "official" meetings.  How ever if you would like to meet with any of us, I consider the following to be :"Ambassadors" to our group: Norm, Tim, Marsha, and myself Paul.   Feel free to click on any of the names to send us an e-mail, and lets have lunch or go for a ride. 

If you would like to have a photo of you or your bike (or both) on our photo page, just send them to 
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