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This is:

The Nascar Garage

Dedicated to the life and times of the greatest Nascar Driver ever.

Featuring, the man in black, the Intimidator, the 7 time
  Winston Cup Champion,The Greatest Nascar Driver of all Time
 Mr. Dale Earnhardt,and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Dale Earnhardt   1951 - 2001

The Nascar Community has lost it's greatest driver ever

-----Bill France-----


The Nascar community is in shock.  Dale Earnhardt, the 7 time Winston Cup
Champion died on February 18, 2001 in the final turn of the final lap at the
Daytona Motor Speedway.  Dale lived life to it's fullest.  He accomplished what 
only 1 other driver has ever done.  He was the winningest driver ever at 
Daytona.  He won 76 races, the Daytona 500, and the No Bull Million.  But he 
did something no other driver has ever done.  He made Nascar what it is today.

Every once in a while a person comes along in life that serves as a role model,
or your hero.  For me it was Dale Earnhardt.  He epitomized the word champion.
He was aggressive.  He had the burning desire to achieve. He was a devoted family
man. He was a winner not only on the track, but off it as well.  He entertained us
week after week, season after season.  He never gave up.  But on Sunday Feb 18,
2001 we saw another side of Dale Earnhardt.  We saw an unselfish man who elected
to protect the lead of his new driver, Michael Waltrip and his son Dale Jr.  Instead
of trading paint and going for the win which was with in his grasp, he held back
and protected his people.  In the end, it cost him his life.  He died doing what he
loved the most, competing.

God Speed Dale Earnhardt.  You have taken that final checkered flag.  You are a
winner and a true champion.  The sport of Nascar racing won't be the same with
out you, but it is a better place because of you.

Our prayers are with the Earnhardt family, RCR, DEI and the entire Nascar Family.
We loved you Dale.  We always will.


Here's the proof that Dale will forever be with us. Click the 3 in the Sky below

Many thanks Brent for allowing me to use this.

There's a 3 car in Victory Lane at Daytona!

After leading 62 of 120 laps, Dale Earnhardt Jr has brought the 3 car back to
Victory Lane at Daytona.  Dale Jr. dominated the Busch race on Feb. 16, 2002.
As you watched him race, it became more and more evident that he was a man
on a mission.  Seldom to show emotion,  Dale Jr. was very close today.  Maybe
now he will have the closure he needs.  How proud the Intimidator must be today. 

3_flag.jpg (28689 bytes) 3_oreo.jpg (14601 bytes) jr_mom.jpg (25110 bytes)       



Tragedy to Victory

 The 2001 season was a season most of us will never forget.  A hero was lost.  But, was
was he really gone??  Think about it.  In the final turn of the final lap of the Daytona 500
Dale Earnhardt held the pack off as if saying you two go for it.  You have the talent, you
have the equipment, I have taught you, your time has come.  In the end, he lost his life.
BUT,  think about the season.  Rockingham,  Steve Park driving for DEI wins.  Atlanta, 
The Goodwrench Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick, carrying an unfamiliar 29 on the side
wins by thousands of a second in a carbon copy of Dale's win over Labonte  in the 2000
race.  Daytona, Dale Jr. is strong all night.  A late caution puts him back in the pack with 
only a few laps to go.  He charges to the front with Waltrip on his back bumper to win.  A
reversal of the Daytona 500 and an emotional gathering in the infield that will never be
forgotten.  Taladega, Earnhardt Jr. is strong all day and takes the win and the No Bull
million.  The identical situation of the year prior which was Dale's last win.

Was there another driver in those cars??  A driver with a smug grin on his face??  Was
there an invisible "mile wide" Black Chevy leading the way??  Was there Divine intervention?
Or was it just a devoted father,  true friend, an Intimidator, a Legend, looking down and saying
Maybe it was just 4 young guns that grew up in the shadow of greatness and learned from the


Meet Team DEI

Dale Earnhardt Jr.(#8 BUD),  Steve Park (#1 Penzoil),  Micheal Waltrip (#15 Napa)


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Rubbin to get by some one when they're pinchin you down
ain't rough,  it's racing

                                                       -Dale Earnhardt

The 2002 season is here.    For many of us it will signal the coming of spring. For most
it will be a time of remembrance. 

 There will be no black 3 car charging to the front.  There will be no intimidator walking 
hand in hand with his wife.  There will be no father son team racing together.  There will 
be no mile wide black Chevy holding the lead or filling a competitors rear view mirror.
  This year,  for the first time since 1979,  there will be no Dale Earnhardt.

It's hard to believe a year has come and gone since the loss of this great man.  Never again will
we see such a driven competitor on the track.  What we are left with is the son, the offspring of
a legacy and the racing dynasty they built.  As we watch Little E evolve into a true champion, we
will always remember the loving father that taught him, inspired him, and gave him the will and 
desire to achieve.

God Bless you Dale Earnhardt.  And thanks for the memories.






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