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1972 Mustang Sprint pictures & facts

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Pages featuring all three Mustangs

Front / driver side
Front / passenger side
Driver side
Passenger side
Back / driver side
Back / passenger side

Nashville, Tennessee April 18, 2004 - Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration. Four of the Fifty Sprint convertibles together again!
Updated Convertible Interior
Birmingham, Alabama April 18, 2009 - Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration. Two of the fifty Sprint convertibles.
10 years of coupe pictures: June 1993 - June 2003
Original 1972 Mustang Sprint hardtop documentation
1972 Sprint Advertisements
Fact page featuring door data labels
Before restoration

1972 Mustang Sprint Coupe page
1972 Mustang Sprint Fastback page
1972 Mustang Sprint Convertible page

Mustang model cars
Mustang model cars: 1972 Sprint fastback, 1973 fastback, 1995 GT, + more!
1972 Mustang Sprint convertible. Follow along as I build a 1:25 scale convertible model from a SportsRoof kit!


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