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Guli's machine knit POA style hat and scarf

Here it is, folks, the patterns my friend designed for knitting a Harry Potter POA stripe style hat and scarf on your knitting machine. I'm hosting her page, since I already have an account. Hope you enjoy! LF.


The Gryffindor hat pictured above was made with the alternate shaping at the top, while the camo hat was made with regular shaping. They are both approximately the same size height and width wise. The aspect is a little skewed due to differences in the pictures only, as they had to be resized for the page. To get a better look at the images, right click on them and copy them to the clipboard, then paste into a program that handles images (hit CTRL and V keys if using Windows) to see the images full size for a better look at the shaping details for each of the tops.

1 Hour USM Watchcap Hat with POA style stripes. © October, 2006 Guli Semb. In memory of Carolyn Parker. You may use this pattern for personal use only. You may not resell it or sell items made from it. You may freely distribute this pattern to others as long as the copyright remains intact. If you are only making this hat for yourself because of the Harry Potter POA like striping, I ask that you make just 1 single color hat for someone less fortunate than you as payment for this pattern.

Abbreviations used:
ISM Bond Incredible Sweater Machine.
USM Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine.
KP Keyplate.
LHS left hand side.
RHS right hand side.
C/O cast on.
B/O bind off.
B/S backstitch.
WY waste yarn.
MC main color.
CC contrast color.
K(#)R Knit the number of rows specified.
St or sts stitch or stitches.
RC row counter.
NDL needle.
NWP non-working position, needles pushed all the way back against the bed.
EOS every other stitch.
EON every other needle.
POA Prisoner Of Azkaban, the third Harry Potter movie.

Materials: ISM or USM knitting machine with a row counter (at least 1 extension is good to have), USM KP3, 3.5 oz of worsted weight Red Heart yarn in 1 or more colors. Safety pin is helpful for marking sts, st 1 LHS R1 of MC, remove when sts rehung on R40. Mark st 1 LHS R75 of MC before removing hat from machine, remove pin after inserting tapestry NDL into that st after gathering to know where to start sewing hat seam. Tapestry NDL. Scissors.

Notes: For some reason Caron Perfect Match royal blue and Caron Sayelle steel gray yarns made a smaller hat using same # of sts, so when using Caron yarns for all colors, C/O 2-4 more sts. When using 1 color of yarn, it is possible to make and completely finish this hat in only 1 hour.

Gauge: Using Red Heart yarn and USM KP3, 4 sts and 5.5-6 R = 1". This hat fits ages 11 through adult. Before sewing up (hat laid out flat), average hat has a doubled cuff approximately 3.25" tall, and the rest of the hat is approximately 5.5" tall, so the overall height is about 8.75". The length of the hat unstretched is about 20.5". This causes finished size to vary slightly depending on yarns used and how thick you make your seam (1/2 st versus a whole st), but it should fit most adults.

Open edge C/O 80 sts (40 ea side of 0) in WY, K6R. Reset RC 000. Change to MC and K1R, then mark st 1 on the LHS with the safety pin, to make it easier to pick up the sts when rehanging the hem. K to RC40, then rehang R1 with sts on machine to make double thickness over ears and close C/O edge. Work to RC 74, dec all the way across by transferring EOS to NDL to its left beginning on LHS and putting st 2 on NDL 1, st 4 on NDL 3, etc., and pushing empty NDLS back to NWP. K1R slowly, RC 75, COL, 40 sts, and do not B/O, just gather live sts on long length, being sure to pass tapestry NDL through st 1 on the LHS to the left first to keep that st from unraveling, then pass it through to the right and only through the right on the rem sts. Mark st 1 on LHS with the safety pin before removing hat from machine, remove hem and WY, weave in end/s, pull gathering length tight, and remove safety pin after tapestry NDL is inserted through it to sew side seam from top down using mattress/blind/invisible st using the long gathering length. When you reach the double thickness cuff, work through single layers to bottom of hat and around to inside to make a really neat seam on bottom cuff. Cut off and use any extra yarn left over from gather and seam sewing to completely close the hole on the top of the hat. Weave in remainder of ends. Add pompom if desired. Makes a watchcap look hat with double thickness over ears.

POA stripe style hat, make as above, only work R1-42 in MC, R 43-44 in CC, R 45-46 in MC, R 47-48 in CC, R 49-54 in MC, R 55-56 in CC, R 57-58 in MC, R59-60 in CC, and R 61-75 in MC. Makes 2 sets of trapped bars that should look OK when worn with the POA style scarf pattern listed below.

ALTERNATE SHAPING: For better looking gather at the top, using a bobby pin garter bar or the transfer tools, shape the hat thus: Work as listed above to make a Potter POA striped hat until RC65. Then decrease only 20 stitches starting on LHS skipping 2 sts and putting st #3 on NDL 2, then start skipping 3 sts, put #7 on NDL 6, and so on across, until you reach the RHS, and after putting #74 on NDL 73, put #78 on NDL 77 for the last decrease. This keeps the decreases within the row, making an even side seam for faster sewing and better look. Knit the R slowly, then continue knitting normally to RC 70 on 60 sts. At RC 70, the second decrease of 20 sts takes place. Starting on the LHS, put every 3rd st onto the NDL to its left, except moving the RHS end st in by 1 to keep the side seam straight. If the needles look strained after you K a R, move them with the garter bar or transfer tool so they are closer together. Greatly elongated sts will not close up tightly at the top, and the hat will not be as warm or look as neat, so use either a bobby pin garter bar to transfer sts, doing decreases as outlined above, or use the transfer tools to move them closer as you decrease. K on the 40 sts to RC 74, when the last decrease takes place. Starting on the LHS, move EOS to the NDL on its left, including the end st. This is the last R to K, so it doesnít matter that the edge st is moved this time. Make sure to move all the sts closer together for this last R, or it will be too loose. K 1 R slowly, 20 sts, RC 75. Break off gathering/sewing length and thread it through these 20 sts starting on the LHS as for a back stitch bind off and taking the tapestry NDL through the st to the left to keep it from running. Then go back through it again to the right and through the rest of the sts only to the right for the gather. The hat still puckers at the top, but not as much as the basic pattern, and the hole is small enough no additional sewing is needed to close it after you sew the side seam. I make hats with this alternate shaping for myself and family, while I use just the basic 1 hour hat with the single EON decrease for all charity knits, so I can make more hats for more unfortunate people faster.

For the different houses, I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (7 oz skeins) and Caron Sayelle (3 oz skeins) yarn. Gryffindor: Red Heart, 1 skein each burgundy (MC) and gold (CC). Hufflepuff: Red Heart, 1 skein each black (MC) and gold (CC). Ravenclaw: Red Heart, 1 skein royal blue (MC). Caron Sayelle, 1 skein steel gray (CC). Slytherin: Red Heart, 1 skein hunter green (MC). Caron Sayelle, 1 skein steel gray (CC).

If youíre making a hat for each house, 1 skein Red Heart gold and Caron Sayelle 1 skein steel gray will make both hats. (Pictures of scarf to follow.)

ISM/USM Harry Potter Prisoner Of Azkaban style scarf. © October, 2006 Guli Semb. In memory of Carolyn Parker. For personal use only. You may not sell the pattern or items made from it. You may freely distribute the pattern as long as this copyright notice stays intact.

Materials: ISM or USM knitting machine using KP#3. Red Heart worsted 7 oz skeins and Caron Sayelle worsted 3 oz skeins in house colors (1st color listed is MC, second is CC): Red Heart 2 skeins burgundy 1 gold for Gryffindor. Red Heart 2 skeins black 1 gold for Hufflepuff. Red Heart 2 skeins hunter green and Caron Sayelle 2 skeins steel gray for Slytherin. Red Heart 2 skeins royal blue and Caron Sayelle 2 skeins steel gray for Ravenclaw.

Gauge is 4 st and 5.6 R = 1". Closed edge cast on in MY over 48 stitches using MC yarn and KP 3. Work to RC listed, then change to next color. Repeat stripe sequence 12-13 times, then end with 24 R MC as below. Break off. Weave in ends, sew side seam with invisible/mattress/blind st, and fringe.

Breaking down the stripe repeats using the RC:
1. K 24 R MC, RC 24
3 R CC, RC 27
5 R MC, RC 32
3 R CC, RC 35

2. 24 R MC, RC 59
3 R CC, RC 62
5 R MC, RC 67
3 R CC, RC 70

3. 24 R MC, RC 94
3 R CC, RC 97
5 R MC, RC 102
3 R CC, RC 105

4. 24 R MC, RC 129
3 R CC, RC 132
5 R MC, RC 137
3 R CC, RC 140

5. 24 R MC, RC 164
3 R CC, RC 167
5 R MC, RC 172
3 R CC, RC 175

6. 24 R MC, RC 199
3 R CC, RC 202
5 R MC, RC 207
3 R CC, RC 210

7. 24 R MC, RC 234
3 R CC, RC 237
5 R MC, RC 242
3 R CC, RC 245

8. 24 R MC, RC 269
3 R CC, RC 272
5 R MC, RC 277
3 R CC, RC 280

9. 24 R MC, RC 304
3 R CC, RC 307
5 R MC, RC 312
3 R CC, RC 315
10. 24 R MC, RC 339
3 R CC, RC 342
5 R MC, RC 347
3 R CC, RC 350

11. 24 R MC, RC 374
3 R CC, RC 377
5 R MC, RC 382
3 R CC, RC 385

12. 24 R MC, RC 409
3 R CC, RC 412
5 R MC, RC 417
3 R CC, RC 420

13. 24 R MC, RC 444
K 1 more R to move COL. RC 445. B/O B/S and finish.

Knit this section for an extra long scarf B/O B/S as itís already COL and finish.
3 R CC, RC 447
5 R MC, RC 452
3 R CC, RC 455
24 R MC, RC 479