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Caty's video collection

The Lost World Videos

Marguerite & Roxton

MoonDance (Nightwish) Marguerite & Roxton at their best .

Unforgiven too ( Metallica ) Is Marguerite Unforgiven too ?!!.

Dream On ( Aerosmith ) Marguerite lets go off her past to enjoy her time with Roxton .

Metallic Rain ( Jean Michel Jarre & Enya ) A tribute to Marguerite & Roxton

Forever and Always (Shania Twain) There ain't no way Marguerite is letting Roxton go now...

You're still you (Josh Groban/Sarah Brightman) Roxton's pain and Marguerite's support

Bringing on the heartbreak (Mariah carey) Marguerite finds it hard to show her feelings and Roxton is heartbroken ...!!!!!Will this last too long for him!!!

C'est pour toi (Celine Dion) Hearts are throbbing for Marguerite and Roxton ...Marguerite changed a lot and she makes sure Roxton knows it....There is also a little hidden message from Marguerite to Roxton.

Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers) After M & R being separated for so long....They have some catching up to do ...(Wink, wink).

I love you (Sarah Mc Lachlan) A very tender video where Marguerite regrets not to have told "I love you" to Roxton sooner.

Ain't it funny (J.Lopez) Roxton & Marguerite can't deny their love but they find themselves in a less than perfect circumstance sometimes..

He is so beautiful to me (Crystal Gayle) That's what Marguerite thinks of Roxton all the time.

When I dream at night (Marc Anthony) Roxton thinks that Marguerite is not real!!!!

The Lord Of The Dance (Riverdance) When Marguerite & Roxton are running away from something..They are doing it fast ..What an energy!!!!Feet ,feet ...and ...more feet!!

When you tell me that you love me (Mariah Carey & Julio Iglesias) In a world without each other ...Marguerite and/or Roxton would always hunger.

Kiss kiss (Holly Valance) You want to see lips ..lots of red lips and Marguerite seducing Roxton!!!!

Aussi libre que moi (Calogero) Marguerite and Roxton are free on the plateau and they had some happy moments together and....many more to well.

Never gonna leave your side(Daniel Bedingfield" It's a fairy tale ....With Marguerite missing, Roxton is completly lost....

Il est celui que je voulais(Nourith)" Video from the musical "The Ten Commandments" with my own interpretation of Marguerite and Roxton..

Insatiable(Darren Hayes) Marguerite and Roxton turn the lights down low a few times...

In your eyes (Kylie Minogue) it's all in the eyes of roxton....

Entre nous ( Chimene Badi) Marguerite and Roxton ....From lust to love....very powerful video.

My baby you (Marc Anthony) A very intense video with a fiction love scene....

You ( Ten sharp) Marguerite is always in Roxton's mind.......and she is the one he's living for...

If you're not the one(Daniel Bedingfield) The tension is building up between Marguerite and Roxton...

Everything's gonna be alright(Sweetbox) Let'go for a nice ride ...

A new day has come(Celine Dion) Five years on ....and the miracle has happened(videofiction).

Je t'aime encore(Natasha St Pier) L'amour, toujours l'amour...

El Farol(Santana) Have your handkerchieves ready but all ends well for Marguerite and Roxton.....

Wintersun(Played by Bond) The adventure of Marguerite and Roxton...certainly a fast moving one...which ends up with a Bang....phew!!!

Loin du froid de Decembre(Helene Segara)Video of Marguerite and Roxton on the Walt Disney "Anastasia theme.."

Rewind (Precious) Roxton turns the clock back and regrets a few things..but Marguerite will always be there for him...

Hero (Enrique Iglesias) Roxton is Marguerite's Hero doubt

Do I have to say the words?Marguerite & Roxton's love for each other is so intense.

Elle tu l'aimes (Helen Segara)Voodoo queen is stalking Marguerite & Roxton....but nothing can stop their love for each other.

Ned & Veronica

I will always love you(Rik Waller ) - Ned and Veronica....When one or the other's always very sad..Pass me the tissue please..but so beautiful..

Marie ( Johnny Hallyday) It's all about Malone and his past and painful experience at war ect....with the help of Veronica spirit..VERY TOUCHING video.....Hanky ready.


Don't let me go (David Guetta) An aquatic adventure video..

Tellement je t'aime (Faudel)Two kick ass women to impress their men..

White flag (Dido)Marguerite & Roxton..Veronica & two intruders...

Slow (Kylie Minogue) Marguerite and veronica have both put their best dresses on to slow dance with their men and love them

Who wants to live forever (Sarah Brightman)) Marguerite & Roxton , Ned & Veronica ...Do they really want to live forever ?!!!

Les mots (Mylene Farmer & Seal) Words are mysteries for everybody...without forgetting Roxton & Marguerite and Veronica & Ned ..

Marguerite & Veronica

I feel like a woman ( Shania Twain) Marguerite and veronica are having a fun day out .....I think...

The characters


Fuego (Bond)" Marguerite's adventure.

Allez plus haut(Tina Arena)" Mythology video about "special Marguerite"......Intense....

Crying in the rain (Crystal Gayle) Marguerite may be sad but life goes on.....

More than a woman (tribute to Aaliyah) Want to see a kick Ass Marguerite!!!!!!watch no further...

Veronica 's quest

Innocent eyes (Delta Goodrem)" Through her innocent eyes....Veronica's quest is such a beautiful one..


The eye of the tiger (Survivor) Rocky Roxton ..a bit mad too...

Roxton & Malone

Chimai (Ennio Morricone) Roxton & Malone have got a close relationship..specially when they talked about the pain of the past.

Challenger's quest

Joolz Gianni- Pavane Opus.50 It's all about Challenger and his quest for the lost world ...and his thirst for Science....


Summerlee (Adiemus-song of tears)" Summerlee didn't spend much time on the plateau but he sure had some good friends and he will always be a part of that big family.


Survivor (Destiny's child)" Finn feels so much better without "Hell New Amazonia". She is a survivor, now in paradise, surrounded by positive things, gaining properity but her fight is not over yet.

Finn & Challenger

Requiem for a dream/Innocent voices ( LOTR/Muse)" How Challenger met Finn and How he helped her settling in .


We are the world, we are the children (Band aid) When it comes to it..the big family of the tree house is always there for children in need.


All I want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey) What does Roxton really want for Christmas?!!!

Christmas concerto (Richard Clayderman) Christmas at the tree house is full of nice gifts...Try to guess what they all got!!!!