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The race by Sphynx

Tales of the south seas videos

David & Isabelle

Chained to you (Savage Garden) David feels the magic around Isabelle...Sweet temptation, passion, desire, fascination ..Is this fate or is it his destiny?!

Whenever,Wherever(Shakira) Whenever, Wherever David is , Isabelle is always AROUND and Vice versa.

Mysterious girl (Peter Andre) David needs to be with the woman he loves is Isabelle. Exploring the tropical scent of her is what his mind really wants.

Smooth (Santana ) David is always ready to change his life to better suit Isabelle's mood because she 's so smooth and when she whispers, her words melts him within.

Wherever you will go (The calling) David & Isabelle are just friends with a special connection...but She is ready to go wherever he goes, to guide him through the darkest of his days.