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This is my favourite project. It started of as Sol, then I added ships, bumped the scale up a bit, put in bigger planets and added moons and bases. You can discuss Resilience on the Gamemaker forums here, Or you could just email me at

Update for 17th October is finally up. I put in an exit confirmation message, and colour coded the onscreen messages. I've also added keyboard shortcuts for the main menu and started on the Ship repair and purchase interface on bases (nothing to be seen there yet though). There are of course the usual tweeks too.

Update for 26th September has been a long time coming. I've finished all the planet graphics except for Saturn (the rings are giving me trouble) and added a nav beacon for all the planets so now you can take a tour of the solar system.

Update for 3rd August has finally arrived after getting back from holiday. There is a new explosion graphic, and all asteroids are now my own. You can only jump to Nav Beacons (seleced by the N key), and other small changes all over the place.

Update for 1st July added the 3D art splash screen on loading. I've also added the Wasp Interceptor - they're fast, but lightly armoured.

Update for 28th June made some major tweaks. Most importantly, I have now got my first 3D pre-rendered ship - the Heavy Fighter, yet to be named. I have also added Mercury and Pluto animations, refined Earth's animation and added a nicer laser sprite.

Update for 17th June has changed all measurements from pixels and pixel based speed to km, AU and km/s. Also added new Mars image and did some more tweaking.

Update for 15th June has been a while coming. Unfortunately, available time has been an issue, but the update is still rather worthwhile. On top of a few minor adjustments, I have added my first homemade planet. Earth is now pre-rendered in full 3D rotating glory. Enjoy.

Update for 5th June has added the first piece of work that was not done by me that will stay in the game. The trade menu has been flashed up, thanks Josh. Also, trade has been tweaked, and there is a message system added.

Update for 2nd June starts the ball rolling with more factories being implemented. There've been a few price adjustments, and will be more to come to make sure that all factories can operate at a profit.

Update for 1st June has mostly finished the base trading and price adjusting system. There's still only Ore refineries, but I will be introducing more factories soon. I have also put in the first of my own custom asteroids. Only the large ones so far, but more to come.

Update for 28th May has reintroduced the background as a loadable resource so it keeps the filesize down. There is also dynamic music that changes based on the situation. Currently the music are old classics, but it will be original stuff soon enough. You may want to turn your MIDI settings down a bit so it is background music, GM can't control the MIDI volume (that I know of).

Update for 27th May includes buying and selling commodities at the bases. Use 'U' at the base the use the menu. It has fixed a lot of the problems with AI.

Update for 18th May now has the saving and loading implemented. There is also a few things happening in the menu screen.

Update for 17th May has added a menu system with mouse overs. Saving and loading should be coming soon.

Update for 12th May was pretty minor. I just removed a few bits of testing code and a couple of tiny bugs.

Update for 11th May made the download a lot smaller (by 1MB) by removing the background for the meantime. More importantly, asteroids are now back in and will blow up into smaller chunks, much like the old arcade game. Ship AI has had an overhaul and is MUCH better now.

Update for 6th May has implemented ammo restrictions and display and fixed a few little bugs. There is also a new custom made icon of Mars (terraformed) as the game icon.

Update for 4th May now includes asteroids. Take a trip to Belt Base (in the asteroid field) or out to Pluto, where the Kuiper Belt is, and you will probably find asteroids. Use 'F' to toggle the Asteroid Finder On/Off and it will automatically point to the nearest asteroid

Update for 25th April was pretty minor. Removed the background for later replacement... I've updated again today and put in the new background.

Update for 16th April added rockets (3). I've started on an Ammo system. Landing now requires a base nearby and shows some details of that base. I've added a new background, but it's a little over the top. It will be similar, but slightly toned down.

Update for 13th April uses the first release of Game Maker 5. GM5 ROCKS! - it's bumped the FPS up nicely due to a better interpreter. I have also fixed the problem with ships not being damaged when hit. Turns out it was an issue with inheritance. Now you can have fun with ship to ship combat.

Update for 12th April has added damage to player's ship which effects their system performance. Also added a display to show the condition of the internal systems and Shield/Armour in the player's ship. You can now select either Lasers (1) or Cannons (2), and Mars has been Terraformed.

Update for 6th April includes refined ship explosions and debris, and the beginnings of landing at bases. Bases are going to use quite a different system to the rest of the game.

Update for 27th March includes a fighter combat system, with shields, armour and internal systems taking damage.

The only condition I have for downloading Resilience is that you are requested to send me feedback on what you thought.

You can download it here. Last updated 17th October 2003

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