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Dr. M. Kaykobad




Supervision of Theses

Ph. D. Thesis

1.      Md. Abdus Sattar has successfully passed the comprehensive examination. Thesis topic: "Development of algorithm for Bangla Character Recognition" Status: Submitted the draft.

2.      External Examiner of Ph.D. Thesis of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jadavpur University, Calcutta

M. Sc. Engineering Thesis
  1. Spanning Paths, Cycles and Trees: Problems and Results, Jan., 2004 (Mohammad Sohel Rahman)

  2. Design and Development of a Bangla Spell Checker, Jul., 2002(Md Tamjidul Hoque)

  3. Query Optimization of BCNF/3NF Relations, 2001(Abul Kashem Md Shirin)

  4. Parallel Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication, Dec., 1999(Bikash Ch. Mandal)

  5. Multi-valued Logic System in Computer Architecture, 1998(Md. Mostafa Akbar)

  6. A Computerised DSS for Efficient Storage and Distribution of Food in Bangladesh, 1997(ASM Latiful Hoque)

  7. Study and Performance Analysis of Error Control Codes, Sept., 1997(Salahuddin Md. Salim Zabir)

  8. Computer Aided Testing and Tutoring System Using Multiple Choice Questions, 1997(Chowdhury Farhana Hyder)

  9. Study of Arithmetic Algorithms Involving Multiplication, 1996(Md. Sanaul Hoque)

  10. Trajectory Planning for pick and place operation of a 3-axis articulated robot, 1996(Md. Nazmul Hoque Siddique)

  11.  A Study of Logic Synthesis and Optimization, 1995(ASM Moinul Islam)

  12. Recognition of Bangla Handwritten Characters Using Pattern Recognition Techniques, 1994(A.F.R. Rahman)

  13. Data Compression Techniques for Bangla Text, 1994(S.M. Humayun)

  14. Performance Analysis of External Sorting Algorithms, 1994(Debatosh Debnath)

  15. Design and Development of an Information Management System, 1993(MA Mannan)

  16. Performance Analysis of Searching Algorithms, 1992(Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman)

  17. Performance Analysis of Sorting Algorithms, 1989(Co-supervisor) (Gosta Pada Biswas)

Undergraduate Theses

1.      Performance Analysis of External Searching, 1993

2.      An Expert System for Career Selection Services for HSC Students, 1993

3.      A Study on Line Algorithms, 1993

4.      A Study on Computer Arithmetic Algorithms, 1993

5.      A Study on AI Search Techniques, 1993

6.      Development of Expert Systems: Theorem Prover and Symbolic Integrator, 1995

7.      A Study on Logic Synthesis and Optimization, 1995

8.      A Study on Algorithms of Computational Geometry, 1995

9.      Development of a Theorem Prover, 1996

10.  Computational Geometry, 1996

11.  A Study of Tower of Hanoi, 1998

12.  Study and Development of Optimal Sorting Algorithms, 1998

13.  Study of Some Algorithms of Computational Geometry, 1998

14.  Study of Systems of Linear Equations, 1998

15.        A Study on Multi-Headed Disk Systems, 1998

16.        A Study of Linear Programming Algorithms, 1999

17.        A Study on Travelling Salesman Problem, 1999

18.        Algorithms for VLSI Design, 1999

19.        On Optimal Values of Algorithmic Parameters, 1999