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Dr. M. Kaykobad



1. Name : Mohammad KAYKOBAD

2. Fatherís Name : Anis Uddin AHMED

3. Date of Birth : May 01, 1954

4. Home District : Manikganj

5. Permanent Address : Vill.- Jabra, P.O.- Tara, District- Manikganj

6. Present Address : Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

7. Nationality : Bangladeshi

7. CSE301 syllabus : Recurrent Problems: TOH, MPTOH, L_n, P_n, Z_n, ZZ_n, Sums and Recurrences: Summation factor, General Methods, Finite and Infinite calculus, Roulette wheel, Prime factors, Binomial coefficients 5.1 to 5.3, inversion formula, Special Numbers: Stirling numbers, Eulerian numbers, Harmonic numbers- card overhang and worm in the rubber band



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