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Biography of Steve Beckow (Brother Anonymous)



Steve 104

Steve Beckow is founder of the Golden Age of Gaia (formerly 2012 Scenario), The Essays of Brother Anonymous, and several other blogs and websites and a member of the InLight Radio team, founded by Graham Dewyea.

He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He attended the University of British Columbia, Carleton University, and the University of Toronto, graduating with a Masters degree in Canadian History. Steve is a member of Mensa Canada.

He studied in three Ph.D. programs but was uncomfortable remaining within disciplinary boundaries or paradigms. One dissertation was rejected as being outside his chosen field. Another proposal (on enlightenmment as the purpose of life) was rejected as being outside the university’s paradigm of empirical materialism.

He began his career as a Cultural Historian for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of Civilization) where he published articles redefining the fields of cultural history, popular culture, and artifact studies. He finished his working life as a Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, his chief interest being gender issues.

Steve has written perhaps 30 books and a thousand articles, many of his earlier works being pseudonymous. His websites are on enlightenment, the common ground of spirituality, life on the spirit planes, global gender persecution, automation, the truth of 9/11, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the Ascension scenario.

All but two of his books and articles are available without cost and may be reposted freely.

His spiritual disciplines included Gestalt, encounter groups, spiritualism, the est Training, rebirthing, Zen, Vipassana meditation, and Enlightenment Intensives.

In 1977, Steve had an out-of-body experience which dissipated the fear of death. In 1987, he experienced a vision of the total journey of an individual soul from God to God, which demonstrated to him that the purpose of life was enlightenment. That experience is written up here. It took nearly 20 years to fully express in words what he saw in eight wordless seconds that day.

Steve is apparently from Arcturus and has lived on Earth just eight lifetimes: as a priest of the Non-Dual in Atlantis, as a community leader, (twice) as a warrior, as a formulator of mathematical principles and sacred geometry, as the founder of a religious order, and as a helper in the development and spread of the printing press. This lifetime he works as a communicator serving Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother.

He's enjoyed several transformational or direct experiences of Self, none of which he considers “enlightenment.” His assignment is "to go up with everybody." Today, Steve lives a life of voluntary simplicity and research as a non-denominational “urban monk.”

His earlier writings can be found at The Essays of Brother Anonymous. His later writings can be found at The Golden Age of Gaia. The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment is located here. For additional material on the Ascension scenario, see the First Contact wiki at

Favorite Music: It's Time to Say Goodbye, Vivo Per Lei, and Pachelbel's Canon
Most Influential Books: The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, The New Testament, Autobiography of a Yogi.
Favorite Destination: Kovalam Beach, India
Favorite quote: "I want to be all used up when I die.” George Bernard Shaw