This site is dedicated to those who are survivors of Sexual Abuse and Incest.


By: Robin Ingram





I have chosen the name of this site, very carefully.  It was not an easy task, as I want it to be something safe, something special and something very unique. So, I have decided on “Butterfly Gardens” for a special reason.

There are times when something may happen to us in life that leaves us feeling that life has been stolen and taken away from us.  When my life was stolen from me, at a young age, I kept my soul hidden so deeply inside that no one could ever touch it.  My beautiful soul was that of a butterfly, and my body was that of its cocoon. 

Until, one day, I decided that I could no longer live my life in this way.  I was in desperate need of love, support, understanding, encouragement and most of all; I needed to know that I was NOT alone.  I began searching the internet and I found all of this in one place.  That place is called “Bearing Through It.”  “Bearing Through It” has become my home, my family and my safe haven.  Through “Bearing Through It”, I have learned that it is up to US to stand tall, take back our lives and show the world the beautiful butterfly that lies within.  I'm praying that my beautiful butterfly is only the beginning of many here at "Butterfly Gardens".

Throughout the pages within this site, you will find MY Story of how my life was stolen from me and how I am taking it back.  You will also find links to “Bearing Through It” and hopefully other information about sexual abuse and incest that may benefit you.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and/or incest, know that you are NOT alone.  The journey to healing is very hard and it's a long road, but believe me when I say, "It is well worth it!"

Note: I use the word survivors instead of victims.  The reason for this is because I feel that we are no longer victims, we are now SURVIVORS!  Also notice that you will not find any dark colored pages within this site, the reason for this is because I feel my life has been dark long enough and it's time to let some brightness shine through.





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