Friends & Family





I finally got a picture of us together, it was not an easy

task.  : )  My husband (Max), me (Robin), 

my step-son (Matthew) and my daughter (Maegan).




This is a picture of me and my husband that was taken

during our vacation last summer.




A more recent picture of me and my dog, Sassy.





These are pictures of me and my daughter Maegan.  Isn't she an angel? : )




Maegan doing what she loves most, horseback riding.




This is a picture of my inner child having fun with my daughter

at the state fair. : )





Maegan's band concert, these pictures didn't turn out as great as

I had hoped they would, because it was dark.  She did a wonder job

playing her saxophone and I'm very proud of her.




This is a picture of all three of my kids.  They are all very

precious to me.




This picture was taken a couple of years ago.  It is a picture of

me, my biological mother and my youngest half sister Lizzy.




This is my dearest and best friend, Matanah.  She has

helped me through so much confusion and pain.  I don't know

what I would've done without her in my life this past year and a half.





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