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Point Omega - a 4X space game

Short description
It is coded with PureBasic 3.93 and it runs under a win32 environment. I use an AMD 2400+ with XP with a GeForce 440MX card.

It features from 20 to 200 systems with up to 12 planets and 6 moons per planet (so the max is something about 14k of objects to explore and to colonize). Each object has characteristics such as (up to) 6 resources, temperature, atmosphere, size, gravity. This influence the ability to build colonies (or bases or stations on them).
You can construct your own ships and build the colony with the things you have researched recently. The research needs some steps from just the basics to a useable item. There are up to 5 techs that can be researched simultaniously and about 200 techs waits to be researched. With 5 steps each tech makes a total of more then 1000 researchs. The techs offer a varity of items; some for ship construction, some for ground troops and some to build on colonies.


This is a small and simple economy game. Up to 10 Player hotseat. Win32 enviroment. You can download it from here (45 k zipped)
Here you can find a short help and "what to do" (in german) (161k zippped)


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