Books / Handbooks

American Astrophilately : The First 50 Years, David S. Ball, A&A Publishers LLC (2010)
The Beck Handbook, Les Winick (1995)
Primary Recovery Ship Cover Handbook, Ray Cartier (1993)
Relics of the Space Race, Third Edition, Russell Still, PR Products (2001)
Series of Handbooks by Donald O.Schultz on Project Mercury, Gemini & Apollo
Splashdown! NASA and the Navy, Don Blair, Turner Publishing Company (2004)
US Space Cover Collecting Handbook, Ray E. Cartier et al. (2011)


COSMOS from Espace Lollini, 8th Edition
A Series of Catalogs by Peter K. Wilhelm on Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo
McMahan's Philatelic History of the Conquest of Space, Jack W. Mcmahan (1972)


American Astrophilately, David S. Ball
Morris W. Beck US Navy Covers, Owen R. Murray
Space Topic Study Unit
Primary Recovery Ship Covers and Postcards (When Spaceships Went Splash)
Primary Recovery Ships (In Their Prime), David Ball


Project Mercury Points the Way, Steve Durst (2010)
Unpublished CDs by Steve Durst on Gemini, Apollo, Skylab & ASTP
Project Apollo Space Cover Catalog, Paul C. Bulver, Space Unit (2004)
Study of Suspect Space Covers, Paul C. Bulver et. al., Second Edition (2001)


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