Mercury-Atlas 5 - 29 November 1961 - Chimpanzee ENOS

Recovery Force Ships


Designation Covers
Atlantic (Task Force Alfa)
USS Stormesi,5 PRS (actual) - Destroyer DD-780 Y (only 1 known)
USS Lake Champlain PRS (designated) - Carrier CVS-39 N
USS Bigelow SRS - Destroyer DD-942 N
USS Blandy SRS - Destroyer DD-943 N
USS Chikaskia1 SRS - Oiler AO-54 Y (E. Rare)
USS Compton SRS - Destroyer DD-705 N
USS Cone SRS - Destroyer DD-866 N
USS Davis2 (and a second) SRS - Destroyer DD-937 Y (only 1 known)
USS Fidelity SRS - Ocean Minesweeper MSO-443 N
USS Fiske SRS - Radar Picket Destroyer DDR-842 N
USS Hawkins SRS - Destroyer DD-873 N
USS Hoist SRS - Salvage & Rescue Ship ARS-50 N
USS Laffey SRS - Destroyer DD-724 N
USS Lowry SRS - Destroyer DD-770 N
USS Fort Mandan SRS - Dock Landing Ship LSD-21 N
USS Perry SRS - Destroyer DD-844 N
USS Vogelgesang3 SRS - Destroyer DD-862 Y (only 3 known)
USS John Willis SRS - Destroyer DE-1027 N
USS Witek SRS - Destroyer DDE-848 N
Tracking Ships
USAF Coastal Sentry TS - Indian Ocean Tracking Ship T AGM-15 N
USAF Rose Knot TS - Atlantic Tracking Ship T AGM-14 N
Not Involved  
USS Boxer4a Carrier LPH-4 Y
USS Francis Marion4a Attack Transport APA-249 Y
USS Macdonough4a Guided Missile Destroyer DLG-8 Y
USS Magoffin4a Attack Transport APA-199 Y
USS Ranger4a Carrier CVA-61 Y
USS Sellers4a Guided Missile Destroyer DDG-11 Y

Notes General:
i ) Until recently (March 2011) it was thought that the only known covers with the correct date were Riser fakes1. These suspect covers are found on U. S. postal stationery. Covers exist for the Return to Port of the USS Stormes on 9 December 1961 4. However one cover has now been discovered.

Notes Other:
1) From Steve Durst's CD book. Another was sold on eBay in April 2013 for $599.
2) The first known copy sold on eBay during 2013 for $1049 2a) Sold on eBay during 2016 for $223.50
3) Scan from Tom Steiner
4) Sold on eBay in 2013 a) 2014
5) From the collection of Walter M. Hopferwieser.

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